More Yuki Vintage Works~ (EAT-MAN OSTs get RE-release!)


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it's been a while since we discovered this amazing source of info, so i want to update you about an amazing discovery i made some weeks ago. Obsessive kitty :shy: was searching for info about 南青山少女歌劇団 (Minami Aoyama Show-jo Kagekidan, shortened as "MSK" and "Nansho") when I came across several videos of their stage musicals on youtube (uploaded by the user nanshokids) and ripped the audio from them. Here is the result:


from what we learned from JASRAC, Yuki made songs & BGM for 7 nansho stage musicals (source here and here):

*Sakura Taisen ~Hanasaku Otome~ (4~15/4/1998 & 1~5/5/1998)
*FINE ~Ashita e no Kagayaki~ (30/7~2/8/1998; 6~9/8/1998 & 30/8/1998)
*FUNK-a-STEP (18~20/12/1998)
*FUNK-a-STEP II (5~8/1999 & 22/8/1999)
*Christmas Juliet ~Eve no Kiseki~ (10~12/12/1999 & 22~24/12/2000)
*High School Revolution ~ai to yuuki no tabidachi~ (13/5/2000 & 4-6/8/2000)
*Nagareboshi no Lullaby (1~5/8/2001)

The ones uploaded were "Xmas Juliet", "High School Revolution" & "Nagareboshi no Lullaby". Sadly, the only one it's complete is the last one :orz: . So what we have is:

from Xmas Juliet

- クリスマス (kurisumasu) by nansho
- In Your Pocket, by Juliet
- 聖夜 (seiya), by Juliet (without Yuuka)
- KISS, by nansho

from High School Revolution

- Revolution2030, by Nansho
- 一人 (ichinin), by Yuuka Nanri
- some BGMs

Note: a song called 好きをやめないで (suki wo yamenaide) is included in the .rar and it's not by Kajiura, so please erase it.

from nagareboshi no lullaby

- 夏休みがやって来た (natsuyasumi ga yateki ta), by nansho
- セントヘレナ (Saint Helena), by nansho
- 子守唄 (komoriuta), by Rina Nakayama
- サイアクな夏 (saiaku na natsu), by nansho
- いい加減にしてよ (ii kagen ni shite yo), by nansho
- 誰か (dareka), by Yuuka Nanri
- pikapika, by nansho
- 星のうた (hoshi no uta), by nansho
- 誰か (dareka), by Rina Nakayama
- 小さな勇気を (Chiisana Yuuki wo), by nansho
- 子守唄 (komoriuta), by Rina Nakayama & Yuuka Nanri
- セントヘレナ (Saint Helena), by nansho
- 夏休みが過ぎてゆく (natsuyasumi ga sugite yuku), by nansho
- 夏休みが過ぎてゆく ~Off Vocal~

Notes: the duet version of komoriuta is in two parts because the original video is split up at that part. The last track doesn't appear in JASRAC (i named it in that way) because is used as outro theme (like a credits cast).

apart from this, there were some videos from a nansho live called "S.C.Nansho ヒットパレードLive!" (ヒットパレード = hit parade).video1__video2__video3__video4__video5__video6

yuki songs included:

Saeko Chiba - Koi no Kiseki (the full original version from the '99 single)
Nansho - Fantastic Mystic (from Xmas Juliet '00 musical, it seems it's a short version from the original song)
Juliet - GET INTO THE SUN & Seiya (short live versions, the ones we know from before thanks to Allexiel).

from happy3 festival, a live performance after nagareboshi no lullaby musical:(video @ 6:55 min)

Nansho - キラキラ + 好きをやめないで (kirakira + suki wo yamenaide). Kirakira is from FUNK-a-STEP II, and this one is a short live version tied up with the second one, although not composed by Yuki but arranged by her only for this live.

Another amazing discovery is that Juliet had two official PVs for GET INTO THE SUN and seiya, containing the full studio versions of both songs :shy: . Here is the video

hope you all enjoy this unreleased work by Yuki (warning: don't expect high vocal quality :XD: )

Nick Hunter

I have reached Yuki nirvana
There's such Internet in Canada, too? :omg:
Yay to maxwell, musicals are the rarest of Yuki's works to date. :dote:


I have reached Yuki nirvana



:XD: Wow the μ5 song! thanks for the find! ( I always get surprised when seeing that Yuuka had chubby feet back then :XD: ) also why are there ALWAYS men on front rows of female artists concert ? :ayashii:


thanks george :nosebleed:

hope we salvage the true studio ver of this someday :plot:


I thought its the PV.... :uh..:


I loved the musics you posted!! Thank you so much ^.^ :bow:


Hello, I not understand that link download/uc9wyzw7pqxbbio/Juliet+Seiya.rar , what is the page? Or anyone can reload the single, please?
I search for the single in all internet and not found it :(
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
@Kugayama if you could maybe change the Seiya single entry in the discography to say December 22, 2000 (rather than 1999). CPM said Dec 22, 1999; some ancient site for yuuka (no idea if official in any way) said Dec 22, 2001; but suruga-ya said Dec 22, 2000 and Kajiura's official site said 2000 too so perhaps that's correct.

Happy holidays.
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Thanks for it, i search for the single many times yesterday. I´m sleepy now :D