MadokaMagica Side Story: Magia Record (mobile game) - TV anime [Takumi Ozawa OST / ClariS/Trysail ED/OP]


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Back at the end of June, they said Final Season would air at the end of 2021.

I was thinking Final could start around the first Blu-ray release for 2nd season (since it's getting released so late after that one aired and the blurays for Final could potentially continue after 2nd without a break) but guess not.

Considering how randomly and close to 2nd's airing date (Jul 24) they first announced both 2nd & Final Season, who knows with SHAFT. I guess they could only be starting working on the show now.
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
01. Vague Memory (2:11)
02. Conflictus Animi (2:13)
03. Perpetual Blossom (2:19)
04. to the FENTHOPE (2:25)
05. Fallen Memory (2:05)
06. Kebenaran dan Keberadaan (2:11)
07. Phantom Doll (2:18)
08. Battle of Obsession (2:13)


I have reached Yuki nirvana
In all honesty, while I don't like it as much as S1 as of now, this OST is so much more enjoyable on its own, lol - the show doesn't dezerve Ozawa.
S1 was far less gloomy/dank which I liked more but the only real shame here is how prominent the synth brass is (much like at the end of S1). I feel like Ozawa could've just went all out with some original sounding synth than this brass soundalike - it cheapens some moments quite a bit.
Too bad the likelihood of a standalone release is nil.

They bumped one action track from the 3rd episode to a future soundtrack. I was wondering why my BGM count for the first OST was off... I guess they wanted to have something more on that 2nd disc, lol.

I was also wrong a few posts above. Episodes #4-5 (bluray#2) should have another 8-9 tracks for OST2.
Episodes #6-8 (bluray#3) only have 3 new ones so maybe they bump some from ost2 to ost3 to even it out (assuming there will be an OST3 with the last home video release).

Oh, BD2/OST2 is already listed with CD length on shops. It's 18m22s. Seems about right if BGMs continue averaging above 2minutes. Guess there will be a shorter 3rd one then.

The 2nd season bluray1 menu music wasn't used in the show. Maybe in recaps that I never bothered with? I am confusion.
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