Live “I Swear” or possible different instrumental(s)? 💝

Hayden K.

I like Yuki
Firstly, I’m in a DANGEROUS RUSH and would be ECSTATIC if someone could get this to me before Wednesday, August 11th.

Hi guys, I once again DEEPLY APPRECIATE the effort from anyone involved that banned together to make me that Live Madlax Mix accompaniment!

Anyway, I just found out from a friend that
1. Broadway has reopened, and
2. Lion King auditions had started on August 5 and go through the 11th.
I had planned to do the Lion King auditions that were open early last year and I’m sure we can all say we know what happened to f*** that up . . .

But I’m just gonna go for it now, though! I’m sending in both singer and dancer auditions. Dancing is likely my stronger suit, but I (and some of you) know I can at least hold a few notes, and I’d LOVE to be in the chorus!

They’re asking the singers for “a brief R&B/pop/rock number of choice that showcases your voice and range”. I have something already that I think would sound even better if I redo— (link: )
(original: )
— but I’m just a little worried with my voice and considered doing I Swear (as covered by Keiko), and was hoping I could get an instrumental of one of her concert performances made? 😅

I’ve also considered doing
Simple and Clean,
Mover (by Keiko Matsui),
etc. or if someone has a stronger suggestion I’m fairly open to anything under the requirements — I’m just trying to record the auditions and have them sent in by what I hope will be Tuesday night.

Thank you!