List of YK-fam appearances in magazines for the main site?


I have reached Yuki nirvana
why am I setting more work out for myself...

but with all of Kalafina's new magazine appearances, I wondered whether we should have a page on the main site to list which magazines. Like, pic of the title, name of the magazine, release date, and then if the interview has been translated maybe a link to it. Technically it could go under the interviews pages but since only a small number ever get scanned or translated, it seemed like this might be a good idea.


also orz I know I need to be working on interviews and merch but remind me after this week and I'll try to get some of it done before I head off to camp


I strongly agree with this idea. On my trip in Japan I'll have to check for magazines, so that would be nice to have a list of items to look for.


This is a good idea. Places like the JVC FJ site (like here) and the Kalafina news page list the magazines when they are about to be released so it will not be difficult to find them :)