KnK stream with unreleased bgms for Shiki Birthday

welp. you could've said when it would end, when I saw you post it I assumed it would be up for three days again... oh well... too bad... hopefully they didn't play anything new... when I listened to it it was the same knk3 demos - not sure if they still had the sfx or not...
okay, but this is up??

with glorious sfx of last year

oh, from the description this is in fact 2022's stream. damnit.

maybe next year...

lol, of course the KNK3 demo set opens up with a sledgehammer... sheesh... can't give us a break...
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I'm noting something different in the "battle" music from KnK6, someone else or it's my yearning?
Not that I noticed from listening? But I did not actually compare it to the Collection or OST.