Keiko's solo debut


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Instrumental lyric video... BRUH.

Sounds like 'Be Yourself' could be similar to Kaze no Machi e, nice
I doubt it. Debuting with two ballads sounds unlikely.
In May she will be releasing the songs 「命の花」 and 「Be Yourself」 under the label Avex. 「命の花」 will be her first attempt at writing lyrics. 「Be Yourself」is a new kind of song with a sprinting vibe.


I have reached Yuki nirvana

I know(hope?) it's probably just this recording but that's some obnoxious cymbal action there...


Its not like sato is any better with cymbals 😅.

Dont u think that the bassist is moving wayy too much considering he plays the same melody again and again ?

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Even in the ballad, I noticed that the drums were mixed way louder than you’d expect, and it makes me wonder if Keiko and her collaborators have been listening to a lot of In the Air Tonight recently.


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I'm ok with that.:tea: Glad it doesn't sound like kpop.
I'd take a kpop sounding song anytime over this boring shit. Lmao Keiko why. I would be much happier if she just uses her old cancelled 2008 debut song over this. That song has character, this song is not. Like I seriously doubt Keiko's vocal could carry this song because it's soooo boring. Wakana's Toki wo Koeru Yoru ni even sounds better than this, and Toki wo is a snoozefest.


Ιn a song dont matter only the vocals but also the music, and the instrumental being so repetitive shows what kind of song its gonna be (something borderline rock i suppose) and when the melody is repetitive the lyrics and vocal melody are usually too so one can imagine how the song is gonna be, and its not our fault that they tease with instrumentals.