Kaori Oda solo + collabs (non-YK / non-Sound Horizon)

live vocals from about 18:40 (Kaori Oda, Kahori Asoh, SAK)
Our Kaori Oda really shone when her solo session came up starting around 1:37:19 (though almost going a bit off a few times), but I was kinda impressed by Kahori Asoh's starting lead. Her voice was nice and quite stable pitch-wise, and her control and expressions during the live were cool too. A classic Japanese-style voice in many ways (she's sung in musical theatre - Disney inclusive - for a while). 1:48:34 for a little taste of her pure high soprano harmony goodness (reminiscent of Yuriko/Joelle in terms of purity and cut, sweet)! She was also around 52 years old in the live which I wasn't expecting when I checked her out online.

SAK has sung with Sound Horizon 7.5th or 8.5th Story: Ema Ni Negai Wo! (絵馬に願ひを!) and is a verified vocalist too.

1:56:00 Dance breakout by Kahori! Also unexpected. She got some moves!
2:00:42 For a comparison of Kaori and SAK jumping to a C5 and the differences in vocals.
2:01:30 For a beautiful 2-voice harmony flowing under the lead. They REALLY blended well together. Wow!
2:0437 Unexpected action vocal section. Nice.

They could actually be a unit of quite stable of vocalists. I enjoyed their work together and interaction and colors.

Sorry went into a bit of a rabbit hole not exclusively on Kaori.
I have listened to Blue Love Letter and as I said, Kaoris old Group had kinda good singers albeit Kaori is still the best among them. I always wonder if they had been more well known, if it would kinda helped her as I am of the opinion that she is a natural center of any music group.
Queen Kaori. I always say it that Kaori was ahead of many of her peers vocally, style-wise and vitally in stage confidence.
A natural performer.
I would say that i think that Maria sometimes seems to up her since she was great even with 13 years old, but Kaoris versatility has an edge over her.
Huh.... Is one of the girls the female member of Garnidellia (or what's their name)?

Screenshot 2024-07-02 233233.png
I didn't realize that she was the one you were comparing to Kaori.
Yes, i think its interesting that despite both starting in the same group their solo carreers have taken different success, Maria is now one of the most prolific anison singers alongside Lisa, Aimer, Luna Haruna, Eir AOi and Konomi Suzuki, whereas Kaoris solo carreer only consist of a few singles and 5 albums that could not reach even top 50.
In my opinion someone can only be famous if that person fulfills the possibility to promote themself. There are 3 conditions that can help, but either are not necessary to come together (you can only have 2 of them) or not sufficient enough in itself. These 3 conditions are "physical attractiveness", "performance ability" and "personality". Kaori fulfills to a degree all 3, but here promotional management is not the best to put it kindly. She is beautiful and cute, although a bit on some departments would not been that bad, she is a highly developed singer and despity having some key problems, she still is above most Jpop singers, although she is not good at dancing but wc, and she is outgoing, expressive and charismatic, but she never promoted herself in a way that more people got interested in her. I always believe singing songs for more popular shows and making more tours or better pvs would have helped, but now she is already 36 and married and when she get her child and goes for some years on maternity leave then the chances of her that her solo success would match her talent will slim down.