Kajiura left Spacecraft in Feb 2018, Keiko (April 13) and Hikaru (Oct 20) left Kalafina and Spacecraft (confirmed)


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Ummm... So I have a question here. With Kalafina officially disbanded, and Keiko pulled of the dispute over the name, whose rights is it now to sing Kalasongs? Just curious as I don't know how exactly Ip ownership in Japan works.


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Sadly I've no idea either. I presume as long as it goes through JASRAC, there's no problem. lol.

Wakana is performing Kalafina songs (as well as Mizu no Akashi) during her lives and Kajiura is performing her own songs during lives (whether she'll ever feature Kalafina songs there we just have to wait and see)... so... there's that...

No idea who gets the money for the rights in the end.

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If JASRAC is like SOCAN, it only collects songwriter - composer and publisher royalties on broadcasts and performances. Every time Wakana performs a YK song, YK (and the publisher) gets a royalty. That's how it bascially works. That's if the venue and artist properly fill out the performace forms before / after the show.

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Well... If Jasrac is anything like Socan, Ascap, BMI or PRS(UK), yeah.. they'd be on them like stink on weed to get their paper work done.


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IN Japan you can get away with falisfying the paper work for steel quality and nuclear engineering for decades. I bet the execs are laughing their ass off as the idea of profiting off of an impromptu concert selection.