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Kagaribi no Hanabira

This is the first time that I use audacity to mix my voice-only-recording with the karaoke track.. Hope that the sound quality must be better than my old cover... The program is quite complicated for a newbie as me.... :cry:

I'll put all new songs in this new topic and may re-cover some old songs and mix track by audacity, too. It's a good alternative way to record the cover song.. because I usually play karaoke track by my computer, sing with it, and record it..., but I think my notebook ampliflier is so suck that some instrumental part in karaoke track sound so horrible!! So..audacity solves this problem... :sohappy: . However, my old cover songs can be found in this thread :

Progressive (Short Version)
Download Link


I accept that I can't do the full version because I can't sing the first line of 2nd Aikoi-like part ... I don't know how to pronounce "waracchau ne"... :uh..: ... Yahh...after I've checked that there is no roommate in the other 2 bedrooms on my floor at 1.00 am... I decide to record it!! :plot:

However... after recording it.. I feel that Progressive is not my style.. :omgwtf: ..., even I'm happy with singing and listening this song, but my cover isn't as powerful and AGGRESSIVE as the original version...lol. (Sure.. I think I'm not as ROCK as Hikaru and Keiko..lol.)

P.S. ...waitin for Panda's full version.... I know that you'll do one..!!! (after I listening your TM's cover.. I bet that Progressive is suited you more than me... :ohoho: .)

stormy panda

Hey there!
Yeah, I think progressive doesn't totally suit your voice. The timing is a bit off at some parts and you couldn't hit some notes very well. It is a difficult song though, and you did alright overall! (You sound so cute. :shy: )

(P.S. I tried to record it last week, but I didn't like the result. I will need to rehearse a lot more. :ohoho:)

Kagaribi no Hanabira

The timing is a bit off at some parts and you couldn't hit some notes very well.
Yes..I always have a problem with fast song... :uh..: (that's why I've never planned to cover Sprinter or any of AliProject songs...too fast for me... :omgwtf: .) Um.. I think that this is another reason why I think that it isn't my style.. :ohoho: ...too fast.... :blood: .