Hikari no Senritsu Fandub



Bwahahah, me is back :ohoho:

Yesterday night I was not very sleepy, so, after listening to Red Moon all the day long, I had a look to Kalafina's live in Shangai. After scrobbling all the songs, I was caught by "Hikari no Senritsu"'s happy rythm, and I kept on singing it while I was going to bed...(Imagine, at 3 am, a stupid boy whistling that tune while changing himself and going to bed) and I thought for a bit to sing it.

Today, that thought came true. And you guys are the one who will witness it (?).

Here is the link to download it: http://www.mediafire.com/?lzyyzjl4qyg

I'd say I'm so proud of it, mostly for the harmonies part, since some of them were a sort of "attempt" (Like the ones at "taiko no oto kara..."), and I was really surprised to see that I got the right key for the harmonies. I know I still go fail on the low parts, but I think I made them enjoyable as well.
Ok, I leave the judgement to you, thanks for listening! *_*


"Invalid or Deleted File. The key you provided for file download was invalid..." : \