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I like Yuki
Hello, i'm from Italy and i had the chance to appreciate the music of Yuki Kajiura, whom i knew because of my friend Raffaele (Raffaele_Megabyte), who's already a member of this community.

My interest in the topic of this forum is not only concerning music but also the language itself of the texts -i've a passion for costructed languages, both auxiliary and artistic ones. By the way I helped in little part Raffaele in his proposal of "dechipherment" of the classical italian, latin and neo-latin linguistic (both simply phonetic and stritcly grammatical) elements, which can be retrieved in the constitution of the Kajiurago.

Even i believed at first that it could be a mere gramelot or dog-latin; in time i was able to observe that it isn't, or at least it isn't totally so, in spite of its proclaimed nature of costructed, immaginary (and apparently non-sense-made) language.

I found fascinating the mix of medieval italian music arrangements and of ancient italian language or latin in some of Kajiura Sensei's songs.

Hello all.


Welcome also, curious1974!

I'm afraid that I don't understand much beyond the English language, but I am sure that your insights into Yuki Kajiura's lyrics will be well appreciated here!


welcome curious1974! I hope you will enjoy our forum and site :)

constructed languages also have other artists, for example Akiko Shikata and KOKIA

Both have sung songs as part of the "Ar Tonelico" universe (playstation game series) language, when she' asked to write songs for the game


outside of the game, I have noticed that Akiko Shikata loves to sing songs in languages other than japanese. For example, her "harmonia" album has songs which stanzas are a mixture of japanese, and 1-2 more languges, in a form like this: 1 stanza turk&arabic, 2nd japanese, 3 turk&arabic etc, there's also a song in greek inside there. (see http://oi61.tinypic.com/14jun3b.jpg - the songs on the pages are 02 遥かなる旅路 03 軌跡 -Youtube them). Its noticeable that despite other artists who just try on their own in the foreign language of choice when they want to make a song in that lanugage (and they usually ruin it), Akiko Shikata send the lyrics in japanese to european/turkish institutes and offers them super-correct in the album booklet. An other album of hers called "Istoria ~Kalliope~" has all songs in it with japanese or greek or both. She has also the characteristic that she does all vocals in her songs by herself (probably by processing them in computer) I think she had won a place in Guiness for them most vocal layers in a song, but I cant recall the song title.

About KOKIA, I have noticed she's an excellent speaker of english and french, and has also done a tour in europe a few years ago promoting her songs, which mainly tend to be ballads in japanese, but she has done a few in english (including the Final Fantasy XIII-2 ED song) and french, and I have heard from a cpm member that follows her frequently, that she has some sort of own languege too from. You can find more KOKIA song lyrics here http://www.faceorama.com/bluelight/kokia/kokia.html. Oh and she has amazing vocal abilities, its a pity she doesnt use them frequently http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xl7nqKNFPKg
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HA! I live in her CLOSET!
Hello and welcome to the forum! :sohappy:
One more neighbor to the list! :tea:

I am looking forward to your translations and explanations!

Enjoy your stay!


YES! I live on her roof
Welcome to CPM @curious1974!
Her music really does wonders, isn't it?
Either way, I look forward to hearing your explanations of some of her lyrics, even though they are supposed to not mean according to her.
Hope you also find time in participating on other topics on this forum as well. :love:


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Welcome! I am Liana, and you can ask me any questions you like and I will try and answer them. I have been here for awhile, 5 years now! But I love Yuki's music. What are some of you favorite songs? I have too many. heh But hope you like it here!