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I like Yuki
Hello, I'm Kai from Singapore. I've been lurking regularly in this site but I apologise that I haven't done any proper introduction. I've loved Yuki Kajiura's works (despite not knowing who she is back then) since I watched Gundam Seed as a kid, and then Chrono Crusade and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. But I've never really 'followed' her until I got super into Madoka Magica's OST, and that just nailed it for me. Since then I've become a fan of her and Kalafina. I finally was able to see Kalafina perform live when they visited for AFASG, and I deeply regret that I wasn't able to watch their final concert.. But last year, finally, I got tix to Yuki Kajiura's concert (super thanks to Smiley!), and it was one of the best lives I've ever been to and I'm hoping I could go watch her again!

Aside from Madoka OST, I also love her work in Princess Principal. I thought it was quite different from her works before, despite still having a very Kajiura sound. And lately I'm getting more interested in her collaborations with Aimer, who is also one of the artistes I adore.

Anyways, I'm kinda bad with intros, so thanks for reading until here. :) Yoroshiku!


I like Yuki
Glad to be here! Thank you for the kind replies :)

welcome to cpm! do you have a favorite track from the pmmm osts?
Hmm there’s a lot but I’ll have to go with Sis Puella Magica and Sagitta Luminis. Also Surgam identidem cuz that song really fleshed out those scenes of Homura’s desperation.