Hello from France ~


I like Yuki

I'm a 21 year-old french man and I've often browsed this website for two years because it's very well done ! And I learned a lot of things here about Kajiura.
SAO Soundtracks were the first soundtracks I listened from Kajiura but I just liked the musics without knowing it was her. But 3 years ago, I watched Madoka Magica and loved the whole soundtrack and it was my playlist to study. But one day, I have listened "Nowhere" ( Madlax ) and "leviathan" ( El Cazador de la Bruja ) and I loved the musics and it was really the beginning of my love for YK's music. This day, I realized that Madlax, Cazador, Madoka Magica and Sword Art Online were the work of a single person and I began to listen to her music actively and watched shows only for her music.
Personnally, I prefer old soundtracks ( Noir, Cazador, Madlax, .hack//Sign or games like Xenosaga ) but I also loved the soundtrack of Princess Principal.
I also bought Fiction II last year.
Now, I'm still waiting for another collaboration between Chiaki Ishikawa and Yuki Kajiura. I had some hopes for the ending of Kimetsu no Yaiba because Chiaki Ishikawa sings in the soundtrack but finally it was FictionJunction feat LiSA but it is still possible I think in the future.

Finally, I registered in this forum. Hope I'll share my love of the music of Yuki Kajiura with you !


Welcome @MKNono - hopefully you can get to hear some of Yuki Kajiura's music live.

PS, haivng a listen to Hikari by Saeko Chiba at your recommendation. (I haven't found the album melody yet, but I have the CD of everything by Saeko Chiba).
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Welcome MKnono ! So glad you like many of YK's soundtracks ! You should defintely check out the Tsubasa OST and also mai hime and mai otome they are one if her best! Qnd if you want to see how the recent OST styles started do check Kara no Kyoukai, its definetely amazing too!


I like Yuki
Thank you for your welcome !
Yes I listened to a part of Tsubasa OST ( Aikoi <3 <3 but I also like a lot Strange Games but Little One so Sweet is also very cute <3 )
I've watched Mai-Hime and yes the OST is very good ( Mezame <3 , Ensei and the guitar of Tokiiro no Mai o: ) but musics like Ohararetta or Run Cat Run from Mai-Otome give me a smile. I'm currently watching Mai-Otome and love Materialise.
However I don't know a lot about KnK, I'll listen to it when I watch the movies.