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Greetings from Indonesia

Hi there, actually already registered a few months ago, and then being silence since then.
And suddenly, I commented in a thread out of nothing yesterday. So I thought "I should introduce myself" :XD:

Anyway, here I am, the first time I listened to Kalasong is around 2012. It was Hikari no Senritsu and red moon. I listened them through Osu, lol. I also occasionally heard Oblivious, sprinter, and Kimi ga Hikari ni Kaete Yuku on my local radio as well. I only interested in red moon back then. Even until now, red moon is still one of my top songs. :love:

Long story short, here I am with Yuki Kajiura become one of my top composers.


NB: Yang dari Indo PM ya gan
Welcome! There are a few others from Indonesia in the chat. Sounds good if you heard Kalafina on the radio.

I hope you can visit Japan some time and hear Yuki Kajiura and her singers and musicians live!


7 billion humans. She must know I exist
Welcome. I won't pretend this is a pleasant board to be around - most of the time, but at least it has a nice format and usability.

This site was founded by Noir fans from 2002-ish and are ten years fuller of hate than Kala fans as a result.
Haha, it's very nice to meet you all, as I lack Kajiura worshipper friends irl :uh..:

Another osu! player!!!! It's definitely my favorite rhythm game. I've also found some really cool bands/artists through it too
No longer play it tho, haha. I remember Catch the Beat was fun.