Go Shiina & (notsomuch) Yuki Kajiura to compose for Kimetsu no Yaiba (Swordsmith Village Arc > anime)


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Alright, it's on nyancats. vol6 starts with track 127 in this rip. (Kajiura being 141, 143 and 146 based on my guesses.)
Don't ask me why the uploader did what they did because all I have is cusswords, even though I'm grateful for the upload.

Now we wait for some confirmation on vol.6 Kajiura tracks from scans/unboxing/JASRAC. Not that I feel we really need it.

(I do hope there appears another rip of vol.3 that CueTools finds a match for. The other volumes from this uploader seem fine.)
I figured it out. One track from episode5 was misplaced in this uploader's rips.
The 2nd EP5 track in this rip (1:29) should be 2 tracks further down the tracklist (after 0:42 and 0:39), so it should be 4th instead of 2nd.
If you change that, it all checks out against CueTools database.
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
OK, so........ there's some issues.

The booklet for the last bluray says that Tr. 15, 18, 21 are by Kajiura.
There's no way in hell (in the rip I have) that Tr.18 and Tr.21 (Episode11 M9 and M12) are by Kajiura. It should be Tr.17 and Tr.20 (Episode11 M8 and M11).

We'll see if JASRAC says something different or another rip appears, but this disc's rip that is available right now is proper according to CueTools DB.


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I have reached Yuki nirvana
while we wait for some other source information, I decided to look at episode#11 itself.

After Kajiura's M6 and before Shiina's M7 (and Kajiura's next track) they play the whole M2 again (which also played earlier in the episode but before it finished M3 entered with a crossfade - I thought this was supposed to be film scored, lol).
Maybe whoever was responsible for the booklet counted M2 again and the rest got bumped higher? lol. Iunno.