Go Shiina & (notsomuch) Yuki Kajiura to compose for Kimetsu no Yaiba (Swordsmith Village Arc > anime)


Eh Bokumachi = Erased (that was the english for the global market) it was really one of the most boring soundtracks imo.
Not all SAO soundtracks are the same. Ordinal Scale was one of her worst works while Alicisation one of her best.


I like Yuki
Eh Bokumachi = Erased (that was the english for the global market) it was really one of the most boring soundtracks imo.
Not all SAO soundtracks are the same. Ordinal Scale was one of her worst works while Alicisation one of her best.
Yeah I know. It is pretty boring I agree but I like the sentimentality on disc 2.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
From volume 2 unboxing.
It would seem like all the credits for Kajiura's part are the same (or at least have the same number of names listed, lol) as Ep1 simulcast ending roll. Except, obviously, no Erhu.


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I have reached Yuki nirvana
Vol3's on nyancats. (CTDB doesn't give any results to verify against yet.)
No credits so don't really know for sure which tracks are by Kajiura.

Without credits my guess is:
episode04: m01 m08 m11 (#1, 8, 11)
episode05: m09 (#23)

Nothing interesting for us.

Oh out of curiosity I went on JASRAC and Vol.2 tracks are listed there. Cool. If we don't get any other sources for future soundtracks, there's this. ^_^
270-6891-9 M 8(遊郭編#2) 梶浦 由記
270-6894-3 M 11(遊郭編#2) 梶浦 由記
270-6899-4 M 1(遊郭編#3) 梶浦 由記
270-6905-2 M 7(遊郭編#3) 梶浦 由記
270-6909-5 M 11(遊郭編#3) 梶浦 由記
270-6911-7 M 13(遊郭編#3) 梶浦 由記
272-5609-0 M 1(遊郭編#4) 梶浦 由記
272-5621-9 M 8(遊郭編#4) 梶浦 由記
272-5626-0 M 11(遊郭編#4) 梶浦 由記
272-5641-3 M 9(遊郭編#5) 梶浦 由記
273-4638-2 M 5(遊郭編#6) 梶浦 由記
273-4644-7 M 9(遊郭編#6) 梶浦 由記
273-4661-7 M 6(遊郭編#7) 梶浦 由記
275-5667-1 M 6(遊郭編#11) 梶浦 由記
275-5669-7 M 8(遊郭編#11) 梶浦 由記
275-5672-7 M 11(遊郭編#11) 梶浦 由記

Also TV version of Train arc got an entry with Kajiura but I don't think it had any Kajiura?
271-6013-1 テレビアニメ「鬼滅の刃」無限列車編BGM 梶浦 由記

Also the still unreleased Kazeyo arashi:
272-1048-1 風よあらしよBGM 梶浦 由記

Complete JASRAC listing to Kajiura's Kimetsu Entertainment District tracks.
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I have reached Yuki nirvana

The jasrac table in my post above is for tracks from last month's vol2. You can see the episodes they are for: 遊郭編#2 and 遊郭編#3.

The mostly unreadable screengrab with credits two posts above is for vol2. From an unboxing video.

Vol3 is on nyancats. Without scans or any other credits. From the same uploader as previous volumes. The few tracks I listed in my post are just my guesses for Kajiura.

Oh, as for those part1 and part2 directories in the rip.
Part1 in this volume rip is episode 4 and Part 2 is episode 5. At least assuming the uploader didn't mess it up - like I said, CTDB has no corresponding entry yet to check it against. Vol1-2 rips from the same uploader were fine.

I guess the ripper does it like that because they'd have the same filenames. It's a stupid way to do it IMHO - the ripper should've just included CD track numbers for the whole thing instead of splitting one disc across two directories (Aniplex puts them all in one table per episode in the booklet but retains the CD track numbering too, as you can kinda see in that unboxing screengrab above) but we should be thankful they upload a rip of the disc at all, lol.
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
From an unboxing of bd3.
Unreadable again but it seems like Kajiura has 4 tracks. I'm going to assume I was accurate in my Vol.3 post above until JASRAC confirms it. :p
You can see those numbers missing from Shiina's credits better, too. Kind of.

Tr. 01, 08, 11, 23 for Kajiura
The same Kajiura credits as on the previous volume. (Which are the same as EP1 simulcast credits - without the Erhu.)

CueTools still can't find a match for that rip that appeared on nyancats. :/


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I have reached Yuki nirvana
vol.4 Tr.05,09,20
episode6: m5, m9
episode7: m6

Bleh. Homura snippet/arrange. Asa ga Kuru strings. Eri wailing with cello.
Same Kajiura credits as before.
Also CueTools immediately finds a match for this volume's rip but still nothing for vol3... Sus. :(


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I have reached Yuki nirvana
According to JASRAC, no Kajiura on those episodes.
(If you want to check yourself, search for 鬼滅の刃遊郭編5より or KIMETSUNO YAIBA YUUKAKUHEN 5 YORI which is volume 5.)

Nobody here reported any Kajiura tracks in these episodes as the show was airing but, to be fair, nobody did on #2, #5 and #7 either - we suck, heh. ;P
I never went back to any of the episodes after skipping through them but I remember there's one more Kajiura BGM in the final episode (or 3 short ones, lolz). And looking back at our posts I seemed to not be sure on some piano track in episode 10.

Edit: Cleaning up.
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
For what it's worth, M2 from episode 8 is pretty. Everything else is not my thing - final Magia Record OST for teh win. ;p

Does anyone have a FLAC/lossless rip of the disc from volume3 that is different than the "Part1/Part2" one on nyancats? CueTools just can't find any database match for that 3rd volume, which is weird considering it can for all the other rips from the same uploader...
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
still waiting for a rip on nyaa but here's an oddly crossfaded 6th volume on youtube

23:13 lol, and there is the erhu

3 short cues from episode 11 (and they really feel like one track). Forgettable as expected.
Did not feel like anything else was Kajiura from skipping around.