Go Shiina & (notsomuch) Yuki Kajiura to compose for Kimetsu no Yaiba (Swordsmith Village Arc > anime)


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what part is Eri Itoh tho? Didn't watched any episodes so I am just curious about her involvement?


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Haven’t watched the newest episode, but Eri had like 1 track near the beginning I think.


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Should be 2 then....anyways I'm kinda curious who's the next singer :ayashii: Many thinks it would be Reona but I'm kinda leaning on milet in terms of popularity of Sony singers...I won't mind male singer too for a change of course lol....Anyway fck this franchise
Have just finished the season. Really feel like I was being trolled by that. Ep.1 credit =A=.

So far, all tracks that sound likely to be hers are
Eri’s tracks (13&18) from episode 3,
bright traditional instrumental track (Samisen?) at the beginning of episode 4,
arrangement of Asa ga Kuru (12) from episode 6,
piano track (10, either the conversation is too loud or the track is too soft. I barely heard it even when I check it again after seeing Grunty’s comment.) & mysterious traditional instrumental track (Erhu?, at 14&20) from last episode.

It seems that one of my guess is correct - most of her tracks are mainly for the female villain.

I guess we may get like 5 tracks again? Compared to the first season, they’re clearly less outstanding in the show, but it’s better in the sense that all of them weren’t arranged from a single main melody. (Bad twist - some of the above are Shiina’s and the pieces that I think they’re from the same track are from different but so similar tracks =w=.)


On-Topic: Doea anyone know in which eps of S2 the Kajiura tracks appeared and in which BDs they re expected to be released in the Bonus disc ?


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Episodes #3, #4, #6, #11

"Expected" on BDs hitting at the end of March, April, May and July.

From what I'm reading in my posts, I had my doubts on some piano tracks in other episodes (#9, #10) but chances are it's not Kajiura.
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Mmm it's not on HnA. Weird.
Oh but it's on Nyaa. Downrodingu~

Mmm pretty short tracks. Nothing outstanding. Muh Eri tracks are just Eri wailing. Sad. And it seems it wasn't erhu in the credits, but koto?
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^ I do like the strings on M13 :) and yes it sucks they re so short. Does "filmscoring edition" mean we might get longer versions at some point ?


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I think we didn't catch those episode 2 tracks being Kajiura's. I like those. Simple, pretty and TBH nothing about them screams Kajiura - maybe only that they don't sound like Shiina's in recording/mixing.
Not much to say about Episode 3. Dank strings and wailing.
Too bad it's all so short. Guess she did it filmscoring style after all... Pooey.

Looking forward to the first episode 4 track and seeing whatever else we might have missed.

@george1234 the first season's standalone OST had some Shiina's "OST version" tracks in the tracklist. I've no idea if they were any different than the initially released tokuten versions though.
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And it seems it wasn't erhu in the credits, but koto?
Well, unless they changed it in the Bluray version (which I've not seen), episode 1 credits said what they said. And they said:
which AFAIK is erhu and Reiko Tsuchiya.

Maybe they made a mistake and took the credit from Shiina's part? She did play on his 1st season OST and is missing from his credits in ep1 simulcast.
I don't have anything else to go by. We'll see when it's all out. Maybe scans pop up at some point, too.

For what it's worth, adding to the mistake speculation above (or rather, there probably not being a mistake), I found an unboxing video for vol.1 with a practically unreadable shot of the booklet credits and there's nothing there that wasn't in Shiina's simulcast credits (just less names in some sections). So... no erhu in Shiina's vol.1 at the very least. We'll see if they post a vol.2 unboxing at some point...


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On topic, I've listened to several of these efforts by Go Shiina, and I've two of them on FLAC format (I think it's the last two OSTs). I think he did a very good job with these two final albums, though I didn't think the others were that special.

However, while I enjoyed these contributions by Go Shiina, Y. Kajiura's efforts in this project were, to me, her worst work that I've ever listened to. Very different from her usual style, minimalist and simply hastily written and random-sounding without any identity. I don't think I can remember pretty much anything from them. My only recollection is that a piano was used but now I'm not so sure even about that...🤔