Go Shiina & (notsomuch) Yuki Kajiura to compose for Kimetsu no Yaiba (S3: ED by Manwithmission x miele composed by Kajiura))

I think its because of Man with a Mission profile. You know, the vocalist participated in one of Sawano Hiroyuki's live, and during his performance thay barely show him on camera
Sadly, my greatest problem is the pre-chorus, which just kinda sounds like Homura again. The first line is nice and rocking, but then “Homura 2” kicks in and I get annoyed.
Of course I could be wrong, but to me it sounds more like a deliberate reference to Homura rather than an "accident". It would also kind of make sense lyrically. But then again, everyone has something to hide on the pripri soundtrack copied Hikari no yukue to a tee, so who knows for sure...

Either way, here it's from the same franchise, so it doesn't bother me personally.
Thinking about it, this 9 seconds track from the first episode should be Kajiura as well, and it's another Mitsuri scene.

Not sure if this will be the standard, but literally every scene she appeared this season had a Kajiura track.
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^ also if you think about it the ED is about her too... She is the Love Hashira and the song says "i call the elemental name of love" in place of the usual kajiurago. (Not that lyrics about love are any indication as most songs have love lyrics these days)
I'm waiting for the OSTs this time. v( ' ')v
I just couldn't care less after the last arc. Maybe I'll be surprised like on Alicization.
New Kajiura track

I didn't expect Kajiurago since no one was credited for vocals in the 1st episode. Also, the 5 tracks she did until now are related to Mitsuri.
If you listen to the ED song that starts right after, the 2 tracks have the same melody :)

These kajiurago might be leftovers from when making the song, maybe she was planning to put kajiurago at first in the song but then changed into english so she made the kajiurago into a bgm :)
Yea those were kinda lazy writting. Didnt really have any well made arrangement (its based on the ED refrain) or more than strings, or any element that would make them boss bgm in general.