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Sorry @george1234 made this cause it might derail the other thread lol.

Game made me hook cause of the storyline and absolute banger OST lol.

And btw george just take your time in the game cause it's only new and you might be bored endgame haha
And Artifacts depends on the characters you play but there are many guides out there on what build is necessary.
All Character Builds Guide.xlsx - Google Drive I do follow this guide but I'm not sure if it's updated from time to time.

Yeah about the elemental reactions kinda unique on the gameplay not like those cliché water beats fire but it focuses on what your team can provide elemental on the enemy. There's an archive on the game I think that teaches you what kind of reaction occurs like when 2 element combired ex. Electro+Pyro = Overload. Also, depends on what element you first went might affect the damage. Might take a while to memorize those combos when I started too lol.

Anyway, new event this week :dote:

Oh btw, be careful sharing your UID, for now the security issues of the game is kind of questionable so if you COOP, do it with your friends lol
Yes i noticed that archive i probably need to take notes, thanks for the links!

Lol You say the game is new ? Its been around since May and they already have like 10 "countries" there with 5-6 dungeons each
I meant to say fairly new (I considered game new prob. less than a year since release lol) and for now only 2 "country" were release tho I forgot how many domains each. They update the game every 4 weeks? So would take a while (and gb lol) for other locations to appear.
Interested but I'm getting too old and got no time playing open world games like this lol now i don't play games at all and I'm back to reading more books on my free time.
lol why are they coping character names from Xenosaga ?

They re forgetting to say that in order to get that character and unlock most of the abilities you need to empty your bank account. I recently learned how constallations are unlocked and i was like 🤦‍♂️

The music on this demo isnt really my cup of tea
SO many things to do in Dragonspine lol....

As for constellations, let's put it this way: No cons characters can still be used and still do good (ex. Xingqiu, Barbara for heals, others for reactions and DPS), 4 stars with c1 makes them best in their role (Bennett, Sucrose. Ningguang, etc.) and obviously c6 will make everyone OP. Different case with 5 star cause everyone there is pretty strong even without constellations(well...Zhongli is different case that's why they bullied the company and will be having buff prob. next update lol).

So in short: C0 characters most are usable(RIP Amber tho), C1-c5 pretty strong and C6 superrr OP so no need to pay money if you know the characters well in the game and when to draw in the banner.

And the banner this time I could say pretty awesome Sucrose, Bennett and Fischl! I suggest going for C1 Bennett because he's one of the best 4-star character in the game if c1. If you don't have Venti, go for c1 Sucrose for Swirl Reactions. Fischl is great too as a Sub DPS for her raven.

Btw, one of the Dragonspine OST reminds me of Tchaikovsky :confu:
Don't worry George take your time in the game when you caught up you might be bored and quit already lol ( I'm just doing my daily primogem commissions and resin then leave before the Dragonspine update :ohoho: )

And it's better if you have a favorite character in game and get him/her so you won't feel frustrated when you search for who's the strongest blah blah. Good thing in this game is having a pity system where you get guaranteed 5-star in 90 draws(I heard there's a 75 draws soft pity too!) for the limited banner(80draws for weapon afaik) unlike FGO no guaranteed even with high rate up lol(I think FGO is the only gacha game that doesn't have pity system, says alot about the game :blood: )

Well anyway if u want me to help you build your team roster I can somehow help. And yeah if possible try going to Dragonspine since there's a limited event happening in that map ( not sure if level restricted or smth)