Forum & Chat & Main Site Complaint Thread 10

Switching - temporarily, I think - to a new user approval queue. I really need to fix these email issues.

Please contact me on discord for approval if you're having issues.
Since you re here, im sure we had at some point a lyrics template where you would click on one of the 3 columns (kanji / romaji / eng) and would colapse to leave space for the other two but yesterday i looked at some kinda recent songs and i couldnt find it implemented. Instead all 3 comns appear at the same time. Do you have any idea ?
Server hosting the website was rebuilt over the weekend, nothing lost.

...Actually triggered by a wordpress plugin with a severe memory leak - it was planned, but the bug forced the timing.

Still need to do some configuration details (@george1234 will want his logins), but websites should be back up.
Was there any hacking or password leakage?
While one should not reuse passwords between websites, and I would never discourage people from changing passwords,

A "Memory Leak" just means that, instead of finishing up what it's doing, the website just keeps requesting more memory/ram to do what it think is it's job. And because it's my server, a lot of ram was available for requesting before it would error. Nothing unusual was sent or retrieved.

I do have the previous hard disk, but that will be securely purged when I'm sure I don't need anything more off of it.