FJ Club Sing a Song EP ISRCs


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Hey y'all, long time no see! Hope this is the right category, but I had a quick question that I was wondering if some of y'all would be able to help me with-

I run a radio show at my university specializing in Japanese music, and on my show for this coming week I was going to include silent moon from the sing a song EP. I'm not able to find the ISRC codes for silent moon or sing a song though, and I was wondering if any of y'all may have any information about that?

I know it's kind of a small industry thing but I wanna make sure that Kajiura and all the singers and such earn their royalties due from the station airing the song and that's the only piece of info I need 🙏

If you're not sure what an ISRC is, essentially it's a unique individual identifier for any song recording released. I don't think it would be listed in the booklet with the released CD and I can't find them from my usual ways of finding the information :TdT:
Hi there! ^^/

What I could find was the EAN code for that album: 4988064773404
Is [this] the album, you are looking for?

Unfortunately what appears to be [the main site for ISRC lookups] does not know this EAN number.. >_<
The title and artist lookup does not bring up anything of what we are looking for.
I'm sorry, there need to be somebody with the right chain of tools at his fingertips.. :o

Yeah I did a bit of digging and it seems that possibly because it was never released on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. those songs were never assigned ISRCs.

Info on that product says, that it is by FJC RECORDS

This is helpful though! I was also missing the label it's under so I'll put that instead. I looked it up and it seems if you put the label + album title it works the same as an ISRC. Thank you so much!!!! :dote::dote::dote: