FictionJunction Station Talk & Live vol.#3 2024年6月16日-7月5日


Third reception perio for Talk & Live events in Osaka and Aichi until 23:59 on Monday 17th June 2024:

I saw no mention of Eri Itoh in the Talk & Live events but then saw:

『FictionJunction Station Fan Club Talk&Live vol.#3』

I could swear the guest vocalists were announced and posted here.
Or maybe I just saw it so many times on the official site...
2024. 06.15(土)東京・TIAT SKY HALL1st Stage:Open 12:45 / Start 13:30 ※ゲスト 伊東えり
2nd Stage:Open 16:15 / Start 17:00 ※ゲスト 伊東えり
2024.06.16(日)東京・TIAT SKY HALL1st Stage:Open 12:45 / Start 13:30 ※追加参加メンバー rito
2nd Stage:Open 16:15 / Start 17:00 ※追加参加メンバー rito
2024.06.22(土)東京・TIAT SKY HALL1st Stage:Open 12:45 / Start 13:30 ※追加参加メンバー LINO LEIA
2nd Stage:Open 16:15 / Start 17:00 ※追加参加メンバー LINO LEIA
2024.06.28(金)大阪・umedaTRAD1st Stage:Open 13:45 / Start 14:30 ※追加参加メンバー LINO LEIA
2nd Stage:Open 17:15 / Start 18:00 ※追加参加メンバー rito
2024.07.05(金)愛知・THE BOTTOM LINE1st Stage:Open 13:45 / Start 14:30 ※追加参加メンバー rito
2nd Stage:Open 17:15 / Start 18:00 ※追加参加メンバー LINO LEIA
Those songs seem like a good fit for them in my head - sure would be nice to hear those performances. Maybe HS blesses us with a youtube upload... probably not though. XD
Eri with Kaze yo fuke is perfect, but I couldn’t imagine Joelle with Kai…

Event for today has finished, I wonder what sang rito (her song from PARADE?).
In my head Kai is perfectly suited for Joelle's melodramatic way of singing of calm ballads. Like fake wings(reprise live) or even vice versa(vol17 live). It would surely be very different than Aimer's take but Joelle makes sense in my head.
Yesterday's setlist:

・moonlight melody
・世界の果て(Vocal:YURIKO KAIDA)
・everlasting song

with today's setlist, only one song changed (definitely Eri's solo to rito's) but no idea what rito sang. likely it's mou kimi no koto wo mitakunai, but no report yet.
source: onedayjunctions

2024.6.22 SAT
FictionJunction Station Fan Club Talk&Live vol.#3
1. moonlight melody(KAORI・KEIKO・YURIKO KAIDA・Joelle)
2. storytelling(KAORI・KEIKO・YURIKO KAIDA・Joelle)

Question by:KEIKO Answer by:YURIKO KAIDA
Question by:Joelle Answer by:KAORI
Question by:LINO LEIA Answer by:梶浦由記 / Kajiura Yuki

3. 櫂(Joelle) - Kai (Joelle)
4. 世界の果て(YURIKO KAIDA) - Sekai no Hate (YURIKO KAIDA)
5. 水の証(KAORI) - Mizu no Akashi (KAORI)
6. 八月のオルガン Hachigatsu no Organ(LINO LEIA・KEIKO・YURIKO KAIDA・Joelle)

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7. everlasting song 〜japanese edition(KAORI・KEIKO・YURIKO KAIDA・Joelle)

and according to one tweet, the other performance (forgot whether it was the first one or the second one) had Sore wa Chiisa na Hikari no you na instead of Mizu no Akashi.

Edit: i was stupid lmao, the report said it's for the Day Stage lmao. So the first one had Mizu no Akashi, the second one had Sore wa Chiisa na Hikari no you na.
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