Eri Ito (伊東えり) Thread

@grunty Aww now i miss the Eri tracks mainly from tsubasa.
I wish HF would come sooner, she hasnt used Eri Yuri or Hanae on new music for so long T_T

yes arrangement on these 2 songs is bad but the vocals are great :)
I don't know if they are bad considering there are plenty of people who like this composer. Guess just not our cup of tea.




Eri Itoh will be a guest on 23 December 2016 at Rie Akagi's live:




2012年、プエルトリコ「カロリーナ・ジャズ・フェス」で1万人の観客を熱狂の渦に巻き込んだカリビアン・フルートの第一人者、赤木りえがアメリカ「ダウンビート誌」“世界の名門ジャズ・クラブ100店”に選ばれたTokyoTUC初登場!!ニューヨークの雰囲気でソウル・ファンクにサルサを大胆に混ぜ合わせたアグレッシブ・サウンドを味わい尽くして欲しい!!特筆すべきはSpecial Guest伊東えり「魂を感じる歌手」をご堪能あれ!!

赤木 りえ(fl)
野口 茜(pf)
澁谷 和利(b)
藤井 摂(ds)
田中 倫明(perc)

-Special Guest-
伊東 えり(vo)

■OPEN 15:30
1st Show 16:00~17:00 / 2nd Show 17:30~18:30

■Music Charge
□一般 ¥5,000(tax in/当日¥500up)
□一般(ペア) ¥9,000(tax in/当日¥1,000up)
□学生 ¥2,500(tax in/当日¥500up/要学生証)
Sowwie. I didn't even remember til I heard it again, lol. Then again, I probably got it on FJ.CN so I wouldn't have reposted it.
@maxwell9 thanks so much! didn't know about this.

Eri's version of Ave Maria. and erhu. so good. even though I thought Eri's voice is a bit overpowered in the bgm.

ooo I love Amazing Grace.
Until yesterday, I didn't know that Eri provided the singing voice of Princess Erika in the Japanese Dub of Barbie Princess and the Pauper.

The original versions in English are already good but her versions are worth checking out too.
She is singing the duets with Ryoka Suzuki (Princess Anneliese) and Hikaru Midorikawa (King Dominic)

Free -
A Girl Like You -
If You Love Me For Me -
The Cat's Meow -
Written in Your Heart -

And of course, you guys already know she performed the Japanese versions of some Disney songs as well.

Reflection -
Belle (Reprise) -
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thanks joel!
Still waiting for something from Eri the likes of Anu Orta Veniya, I don't think we will ever have another song like that again :touched:
Attended the Mother Theresa musical, Eri-san in beautiful voice and played the title role with humility and grace.