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Comments on Lyrics section

@george1234 because the lyrics for those songs had never been on canta-per-me.net before. Correcting of existing lyrics go in the "corrections for all lyrics" thread.

Anyway, do you know how comments for lyrics pages are enabled?
you sure you scrolled enough ? Its under the "discussions" ribbon, maybe you need to click on it to unfold

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On the song lyrics list, started marking tracks not composed by Yuki Kajiura with a "※" and footnote:

Eien (See-Saw)
Gatherway (FictionJunction)
Tatta Hitori no Anata e 「たった一人のあなたへ」(See-Saw)
Timecard Love (See-Saw)

Any others?

"Alcira no Hoshi" is not yet in the song lyrics list.
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