Byzantine music transcription


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So, I tried to make a transcription of this: into western music:


Some notes:

1) It's in 72-equal temperament: (or rather, 36, because all intervals are even). I couldn't possibly have made an accurate transcription without special symbols. This is maybe the best I could do (see point 4 below).

2) It is only sung, we use no instruments. As a result, the main singer (or choir lead) is free to sing higher or lower, according to their vocal range. For my transcription, I followed the official rules, but I think in the video it's sung a bit lower (too lazy to confirm right now).

3) The main scale is pentatonic:

D - Eb - F# - G - A
A - Bb - C# - D - E

I did my best, but it does look awkward and confusing. What makes it worse is that it switches to another scale and back.

(Yes, there are easier scales. This is one of the two most difficult ones. Another scale is practically the same as F major)

4) Some B's would probably have been closer to a B flat than to the natural B that I used. I did this for two reasons: a) it sounds better (to my own ears at least), b) it's when it's switching to another scale so the distinction is even clearer.

5) I tried to double-check it against the original text, but I can't guarantee that there aren't any stupid mistakes. Also, I haven't listened to the whole video, but it's from a lesson, so I assume that they interpreted it correctly and faithfully.

6) The original text contains some more information, like "a mild mordent here" or "some more emphasis here" etc. I didn't include those, because for most of them I'm not even sure how to correctly mark them.
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