Ayane 彩音


Someone wanted me to identify a song
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyXpUq5xOfQ ), which I thought was by Ayane 彩音


The actual song took some hunting down:

【東方ボーカル】 「宵闇の月に抱かれて feat.彩音」 【TatshMusicCircle】
"yoiyami no tsuki ni daka rete" / "Embraced by the twilight moon"

This was on an out-of-print dojin release:

CC76 頒布作品
東方ProjectアレンジCD TMCCD-003

Another song sung by Ayane with the same writer (Tatsuya "Tatsh" Shimizu), is Fractional Vision:


which is available on:


So far I've seen Ayane twice live, once with Aira Yuuki and Yumi Hara on 30 August 2013 at TwinBox Akihabara, and also at 5pb Live at Tokyo Dome City Hall on 24 November 2013. At the earlier concert I purchased:

"DISORDER6 (PS3 & Xbox 360 Game)" Intro Theme: genjutsu no Crossroad
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7qNHw5DB08 (short version), available as:


and received a card that had been pre-autographed by Ayane:

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The Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Chicago and the Chicago Japanese Club are pleased to announce the special performance of Daichi and Ayane from Japan.

Date:Saturday, June 7th
Time:5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
Location:Forest View Educational Center
at 2121 Goebbert Road, in Arlington Heights, IL.
Tickets:$22 in advance / $25 at the door
Advance tickets can be purchased at Eventbrite.

Event Registration Online for Daichi & Ayane Special Concert @ Chicago Japan Festival 2014powered by Eventbrite
Daichi, Human Beatbox
:nophoto:The 22-year-old Japanese human beat-box, DAICHI, began teaching himself his amazing skill at the young age of 10. Without using any instruments or machines, DAICHI can make more than 50 different sounds using his voice, and can play rhythm beat and sing a melody at the same time. DAICHI is known internationally for his talents and he has opened for such artists as Boys II Men and collaborated with numerous singers, dancers, DJs and performers.

The Third Place Winner of Apollo Theater Amateur Night 2012!!
In February, 2012, DAICHI won the “REMIX ROUND” of the Apollo Theater in New York with most votes on the internet. In October, he appeared on the stage of the Apollo Theater and became the champion 2 weeks in a row, the second round and the season finale. The final championship was held on Nov 14th, 2012, and Daichi got third place with a huge cheer from the audience in NY.

Recorded Over 22 million Views on a Single Video on YouTube!!
At the age of 18, he posted a video of his beatbox performance, which he filmed in his room by himself, on YouTube. Then suddenly, he started to gain massive attention from all over the world. This video has recorded more than 22 million views, and the YouTube channel DaichiBeatboxer has more than 145,000 subscribers.

Ayane, Anime/Game Singer
:nophoto:After making er singing debut with a single KIZUNA~絆 which was selected as the opening theme song for TV Anime’s “W Wish”, her 5th single “Nageki no Mori” was also chosen as the opening theme to extremely popular PlayStation 2 game, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Matsuri. “cloudier sky” — TV anime AYAKASHI.

The list of songs that built her status as anime/game singer includes “DOLPHIN☆JET” (TV anime “Kenkō Zenrakei Suieibu Umishō” opening theme)and “Arrival of Tears” (TV Anime “11 eyes” opening theme). She is also recognized as successful game singers due to her contributions to numerous game theme songs.

In 2008, her song “Lunatic Tears” (from the PC game11eyes) won her the Golden Award for Theme Song Award of Bishoujo Game Awards.

In 2009 and 2010, Ayane participated in the world’s largest anime music event, Animelo Summer Live two years in a row. In 2011, she was featured on NHK WORLD’s music program “J-MELO” when she participated “J-POP in China 2011″ in Beijing, In 2012,

In 2013, Ayane released several songs which were used for vastly popular Sci-Fi adventure series 「STEINS;GATE」 which expanded her name value internatinally. After being invited to “China International Cartoon Festival (CICF)” in Guangzhou, China, she participated the count down event, “Anison King 2013″ at the end of the year to wrap up her successful year.

To celebrate her 10th anniversary, she has released the 4th album “Luminous Flux” and started the tour. In April, she is invited to the music event in Russia.

Setlist from her show:


ロシア、モスクワで歌わせて頂いたのは①Lunatic Tears...②嘆きノ森③その先にある、誰かの笑顔の為に④幻術のクロスロード⑤フェノグラム ⑥ロマンシング・ストーリー⑦コンプレックスイマージュ⑧いつもこの場所で 8曲でした♪スパシーバ!
Ayane will be on Kaori Oda's Colorful Mode radio programme next week:

ラジオ出演情報 2014.7.17
『織田かおりのもっとColorful Mode』にゲスト出演いたします。


パーソナリティ: 織田かおり









10th Anniversary live show:

LIVE情報 2014.7.17
「彩音 10th Anniversary LIVE」オフシャル2次先行のお知らせです!

イベント名:「彩音 10th Anniversary LIVE」



OPEN 17:30/ START18:00

チケット前売り :4,800円+1ドリンク(500円)※3歳以上チケット必要