Last night XD
I dreamed that yuki moved into the hotel room upstairs from where i live, so i stalked her and knocked on her door. The door wasn't locked though! and it swung open and yuki was changing and she was wearing a white and black vertical striped shirt. She yelled at me >____<;;; but being such a huge fan i went in anyways and told her how much i adore her and she was still mean but she became nicer. Then she told me her concert was at 1pm the next day and I could go, so i left and i was happy~ :3

But then when i went back home, my parents told me there was a vienna teng concert at the exact same time!! I was so sad and conflicted about which one to go to T_T but decided with yuki because she had to travel farther to get here.

I never actually got to see the concert though :( woke up by alarm clock
What a dream ! xD You're thinking too much about the concert haha
>_< too bad, you didn't see the concert, it means that you'll never be able to see one of her live even in dream !!!
hahaha joking ~ xD
wooo or maybe it's a premonition ? o_O lol
How do you remember your dreams? Usually people forgot them after a while after waking up. Do wrote it right after you woke up?

XD the dream is so funny!! You sure have a weird fantasy. If you think so much about Yuki she must be sneezing or hiccuping all the time XD. (there a rumur which says that if you sneeze or have hiccup means that somone thinks about you)
haha in that case, it is not an allergie that Yuki has, it's just kerahna ! xD
oh noes D: my adoration of yuki has caused her misery D: what should my punishment be?

I write dreams down if i like them, and then i remember them better :D
lol !
your punishement : you have to send an email to Yuki saying that you're sorry of being the cause of her sneezes (she'll say, what the f*ck ? is that poor girl crazy ?? ) mwahaha she'll consider you as a lunatic girl !!

nah just joking xD

And what about your email to Yuki ?? Witch one you opened a topic and asked help for.
Did you send it to her ?

I didn't email her yet! that will require a lot of work and i have exams for the next 2 weeks :D but i am always thinking about it XD 8)