Adhara [New Cover - FictionJunction feat. LiSA – From the edge]

Thanks Alphard Sokaina and Kugayama :shy:

I will cover more songs soon =) Hope i will get some feedbacks so i can improve on my singing skills :sohappy:
Cover Updates

Its been a long time I didnt update here XD So these are the cover that I had been done so far :sohappy:

Hopefully you will enjoy it :shy:

To the beginning - ... -beginning

Parallel Heart -

Synchronicity (Keiko Ver.) - ... ity-adhara

Here We stand in the Morning Dew - ... -morning-1

Ashita no Keshiki - ... no-keshiki

Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa - ... ku-sora-no
Your harmonies are beautiful, my goodness :nosebleed:
You have an amazing voice too, please consider me a fan! :bow:
woah...I really liked that. Your harmonies/layers are awesome :goodjob: And I usually don't like vocal covers