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  1. H

    HELP! Con Competition input and requests TT-TT''''

    Please excuse my long-windedness, but I'm pretty excited about this and am trying to get some opinions from people interested in similar subjects, many of whom can also play music and or sing, and so I wanted to be as detailed as possible. I tried to provide a link for anything I'd referenced...
  2. Atlas Star

    Kalafina - blaze cover

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCeeN7EO6Pw&feature=youtu.be You all already know "blaze" is one of my most favourite singles ;D
  3. Atlas Star

    Kalafina-tribute performance: 「amethyst」 Summer 2018 Closed Premium LIVE 07.08.2018

    Hi everyone :D As I had announced earlier this year, I recently held a piano/vocal performance with a Kalafina-heavy setlist: 01. amethyst (original track) 02. ring your bell (piano vers.)~ring your bell 03. Yane no Mukou ni (piano vers.)~Natsu no Ringo (piano vers.) 05. musundehiraku (piano...
  4. Atlas Star

    Kalafina acoustic piano covers by Atlas (updated: Alleluia)

    hey guys i’m starting a series of piano vocal covers of Kalafina songs. I’ll be performing 6-7 Kalafina songs at my next music show, and decided to play a piano accompaniment versus using instrumental tracks.... Here is Kimi ga hikari ni kaeteyuku from today’s rehearsal...