hyakka ryouran

  1. H

    Hyakka Ryouran Vocal Cover! (Cover is Out)

    Hello Kaji-fans :w00t: I'm working on my first professional studio vocal cover, and I chose Hyakka Ryouran! The track is in the final mixing stage now. I would appreciate it to know what you think and If any adjustments would make it sound better! The sample is in this Tumblr post...
  2. Argonir

    Kantan Krusaders (Hyakka and Tombo posting is welcome too)

    Obviously the Hyakka Ryouran thread has been locked, so think of this thread as more of an 'unofficial' thread to discuss Kantan Katan and everything relating to the song. Personally, I think it's one of those rare tracks that evolves the more it is listened to, as opposed to Hyakka Ryouran...