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    Complain about all!

    Re: You're welcome :sparkleguy:
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    Good Things that Happened to You!!!

    It wasn't me this time! :XD:
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    About The THREE WORD STORY Thread

    @George I know that, it's just that I had opened all the threads in tabs and wasn't paying attention to what I was deleting. Again, I'm sorry for deleting it. :cry:
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    About The THREE WORD STORY Thread

    Hello General & Spam citizens! As some of you may have already noticed... the THREE WORD STORY thread is missing. You guys are probably wondering what happened to it, hehe. To make a long story short, I accidentally deleted the thread while cleaning up some spambots earlier today, but don't...
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    Kill the spambots!

    Re: Moderator's can't do much about that. I think Kerahna and Sudrien were working on fixing the waves of spambots that register to the site everyday. Also thanks guys for reporting spam posts, it really helps in finding the spambots.
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    What is your favorite song today?

    sprinter - kalafina
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    Sword Art Online English Dubbed. ok or bust?

    Don't watch it. Problem solved. :sparkleguy:
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    Chat login system

    casarian, do you see a blank webpage or just a blank chat log? If it's just a blank chat log you can try pressing the green Connect button under your chat name.
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    The ridiculously random postings thread!

    ^ Hikari no Senritsu is my favorite! :dote:
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    The ridiculously random postings thread!

    ^ I thought the video was pretty. It's my 2nd favorite out of all the Kalafina videos.
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    Chiaki Ishikawa

    :ohoho: I wonder if that is a pic of her cat
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    The ridiculously random postings thread!

    @Megy, I would ban the ones on the birthday list, but there isn't a normal member with a birthday today, so I didn't bother deleting them. :sparkleguy: Also, when there is a spam post you can press the "!" button at the bottom right corner of the post to report the post. It makes it easier...
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    Post count above you

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    Kalafina 5th Anniversary LIVE “oblivious”

    Can somebody send me a JpopSuki invite please? :confu:
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    The ridiculously random postings thread!

    Re: It's a bunch of spambots that get through the anti-spam filter. I try to ban them whenever an actual member has a birthday, but it's been getting really out of hand lately. :XD: You're a cat?! :swt:
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    Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol #9 DVD/BD announced!!!

    Re: The 1st one
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    Pics Discussion Topic

    Re: Re: I think from the Kalafina facebook fan pages
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    The ridiculously random postings thread!

    I just found the "Delete Topic" button :plot:
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    awesome random quotes

    Re: I thought it was "Everything sux :TdT: "
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    Happy Birthday Yuki88!

    happy birthday :goodjob: