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  1. Kerahna

    the PASTE game

    :ohoho: Hi guys, long time no see!! This game is simple - just paste whatever is on your clipboard right now (press Ctrl+V on a PC) into the reply box and post it!! No cheating XD
  2. Kerahna

    Rules about swearing

    I received a suggestion to make rules against swearing in the forum. There are arguments for and against doing so, so I want to see what the majority prefers. Please post your comments/suggestions!
  3. Kerahna

    Hello from Yuki Kajiura!

    In a recent email from earlier this week Yuki asked me to pass on this message to everyone so here it is: So, good job to everyone that's worked on the birthday presents these years :D makes me wish i got more involved XD It's part of the epic story of Kugayama's hospitalization and...
  4. Kerahna

    Kalafina at AnimagiC 2012 Germany

    WHO IS GOING????? ... afina.html Confirmed: Allexiel HimeWakana hinagiku KaiSen Kei Maha Jyotiṣa Martin Midori Nobelly Nyannika RaveD roxfan Wolfychi Yuki.n Zuiyon
  5. Kerahna

    Quick poll regarding those pesky flies

    Sorry ive been out traveling a lot this breask and havent kept up with things but i try to check in qnd respond to reports of problematic youth. Would you like their posts deleted as well, or should they be kept for context sake? I know thre has been some discussion going on between humans and...
  6. Kerahna

    free file hosting for big big files you start with 10gb (11 if you use my link) and get 1 more for each person you refer. It looks really good and simple to use though I haven't actually tried it myself XD Apparently they let you upload files up to 2gb in size.
  7. Kerahna

    CPM interview with Clara Kennedy

    Hi guys :sohappy: I asked her for an interview on facebook and she said she'd be happy to do it ^_^ I'm still working things out regarding how this will take place (e.g. a live chat, or emailing a giant list of questions and letting her choose.... etc) but feel free to post any questions you...
  8. Kerahna

    Happy Birthday Liana_Ilia!

    and yes, your birth date is still reversed in your profile :ohoho: :sohappy: have a sunshiney fun filled day with lots of presents and food :sohappy: before you get old and have to start watching your waist ;)
  9. Kerahna


    since upgrading to firefox 4, the arial narrow font on main site is now just plain arial :ayashii: actually i like the arial more it's easier to read, but it changes the width of text so some current lyrics lines may not fit on one line, and i think the navigation sidebar will need to be unbolded
  10. Kerahna

    Main site monthly feature

    I'm thinking of doing a newspost on the main site every month/other period of time XD, to promote some of the creative work that happens here, give it more exposure, and make the main site more than just a news stream :D There are no rules or judging to get featured, just post your link in this...
  11. Kerahna


    congratulations, your DNS server has been updated about our big move, and is directing to the right place :) Let me know when you're here!!!
  12. Kerahna

    the BEST way to get CDs ;)

    Lol okay that was a trap! It's just a regular way to get CDs, sort of :XD: See see see we just switching over to a new host (today), and it's an awesome expensive one so we won't have to worry anymore about silent hackings, random downtimes and stuff! It was kindly donated by Sudrien~ so at...
  13. Kerahna


    Why we don't talk about books? :XD: My favorite author is Diana Wynne Jones, and I've collected all her books and even have a couple signed copies :sohappy: She writes fantasy but a special kind that involves other worlds along with visits to oru own world in a contemporary setting usually...
  14. Kerahna

    Problem accessing user profiles and avatars

    Lugh told he he couldn't access my profile (through clicking my name) and some other users' as well. Does anyone else have that problem? Some avatars are missing too. Things are working for me
  15. Kerahna

    Kimi wa boku ni niteiru PV - whats going on?

    taking a break from studying i watched some old PVs One of them was See-Saw's "kimi wa boku ni niteiru" I didn't understand this when I first watched it and i still have no idea what's going on XD There seems to be a story but well :ayashii: :ayashii...
  16. Kerahna

    Yuki-spotting in your IRL life!

    Since her presence outside of japan is so elusive, small moments of Yuki always get my so excited! Have you ever come across her music? I remember during the olympics, some Tsubasa music was used in gymnastics XD Yesterday, the Japanese restaurant that I was eating at, was playing "It's only...
  17. Kerahna

    that weird feeling you get between your eyes

    do you have that weird feeling on the bridge of your nose between your eyes, if you put something near it (e.g. a finger)? its so weird!!!!!! I want to find a scientific explanation for it but google keeps telling me its my ajna chakra, third eye opening @_@
  18. Kerahna

    Portal is FREE~~

    I love this game~ I've played it like 3 times :XD: and now it's free until may 24~
  19. Kerahna

    Ancient 1971 Emily Bindiger album

    click click clickkk RS: rar password = winter found this... it's a vinyl rip of an album Emily recorded when she was 16! I figured I can share it here because it's probably way...
  20. Kerahna

    Forum reorganization

    Because people keep complaining about miscats: Merge Yuki-general and Yuki-music AND Create General-music/anime AND Merge General-general and General/spam They come in a package, no splitting! or the balance of the world will be thrown off :plot: