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    Kalafina @ Anime Expo 2011 + ATTENDANCE ROSTER

    hi Kowz, i've changed the first post of this thread to the attendance list: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2506 you can keep it updated if you like, or i can continue touching you there :ohoho:
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    What File Extension Are You Quiz!!

    i love minesweepr :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy:
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    it takes 2 clicks to delete an account + all posts i wonder how many it takes to make a new one :ayashii:
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    [OFFICIAL] I have a dream LYRICS

    I'm sure your signature will generate you plenty of respect from the members, and make your opinions and reasoning more believable.
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    [OFFICIAL] I have a dream LYRICS

    I'm sure everyone can judge for themselves who is right and who is wrong here. To "victims" of verbal attacks like this, just believe in the judgement of others and don't waste time arguing if it's not worth it :)
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    actually our problem is more due to lack of punishment and letting the trolls run wild.
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    Ookamikakushi First Impressions

    It's the only anime this season that I think I'm going to follow :XD: The awkward moments are awkward
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    Konichiwa, minna-san!

    welcome Crion!! OMG I just realized after catching up on welcomes... that I'm logged in as admin oops :uh..: :uh..: :uh..: :uh..: :uh..: :uh..: this isn't my regular account, sorry!! i'm Kerahna hope to talk to you more in the future ~
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    HI :)

    welcome Kara!! Is your project for school? that is wonderful :knife: spreading the love of yuki to the rest of the world :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy:
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    Olá, Hello & Konnichiwa ^.^

    welcome aryoch! I'm glad youre enjoying the site ^_^ This is a late welcome because I haven't had a good internet connection for weeeeeeeeeks @_@ I'm in the SH forum too! and I've been so absent that I've gotten two remidner emails already (i wonder if they are automated? :XD:)
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    Hi Hi Everyone....

    welcome royaleague! sorry for the late welcome ^^; I havent had internet for a while...
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    All glory to the mighty Sud!

    theres always me :sparkleguy:
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    progressive, new song by Kalafina

    waaa yuuki went to see it :sohappy:
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    FJ CLUB newsletter (extra)

    thank you soooo much Oolong!!!!!!!!! <3 i'm so they they liked it when everyone stood up XDDD I was afraid the security was going to get angry and make us sit down again @_@
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    Kill the spambots!

    Re: Baby Dolls Club Ohio haha i deleted them so now it looks like you made these topics
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    Restoration Efforts

    no one has the database backups all have are google's cache of some of the text we have to input it manually, and that will take a long time
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    Kalafina Blog Thread (Note, Official, Staff, Line) [all posts go here]

    Hi, I'm reposting all of illusion's translation posts for archival purposes. easier to find when using the search or ctrl-F :3
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