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  1. CantaPerMeCovers

    Sharing some covers <3 [Magia, Sprinter, and more!]

    So I was involved in a bunch of YK covers, from my solo channel(KikyoCovers), Nostra Harmonia (Previously CantaPerMeCovers), and a duet group (Soleil). Here's a few: Solo: Lirica Kimi no Gin no Niwa Sprinter One Light Duet: Magia Nostra Harmonia: Mune no Yukue Seiya Red Moon All but Red Moon...
  2. CantaPerMeCovers

    Sound Horizon: Moira Projec

    Hi everyone! Now, call me crazy, but I came up with an idea for a HUGE project and I know there are some singers/editors/artists/mixers on this site I would like to cover the ENTIRE album of Moira by Sound Horizon. The full title of the album is called Sound Horizon: the 6th story Moira. It...
  3. CantaPerMeCovers

    My Covers <3

    Don't ask why I posted this nearing the end of spring, but I cam across a guitar cover of Winter by Deb Lyons and had to sing it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzvhZpJyyWE
  4. CantaPerMeCovers

    Hey <3

    Been creeping around cpm and the forum for awhile and had never officially made a forum account... now I have! Glad to finally be a part of it too!! I also wanted to do some shameless advertising. A little while ago, I started a group called CantaPerMeCovers. Myself (KEIKO) and my partner...