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  1. Lorde-Kowz

    Go Shiina & Yuki Kajiura to compose for Kimetsu no Yaiba

    Before the aahh I hear different syllables, but it's too muffled to even make out what he's singing.
  2. Lorde-Kowz

    Wakana solo career

    Eve: Would be better as an instrumental. I don't dislike her voice here, but the vocal part feels extra. Koi wo itsumo: Reminds me of Justin Bieber's Baby, kek, and not because she says baby. Pretty unexpected for Wakana. I like it. It's catchy. Orange: Meh. Don't really care for it. Yuuyake...
  3. Lorde-Kowz

    MadokaMagica Side Story: Magia Record (mobile game) - TV anime [Takumi Ozawa OST / ClariS/Trysail ED/OP]

    Surprising absolutely no one, the music has been described as Kajiura-esque, hue. I think I'm going to watch the first few episodes and see if I like it. Apparently, the story has been reworked a bit, and Inu Curry ran wild doing the visuals.
  4. Lorde-Kowz

    Wakana solo career

    I like the style/genre of the song (light pop with nice piano desu), but the song itself is kinda boring.
  5. Lorde-Kowz

    Kajiura Vocal OST tracks

    Continuing from Guronti's list~ Skipping Kara no kyoukai cuz I only have the music collection with me. I'll include choir tracks since they don't seem to have a problem performing them (Point Zero, He comes back again and again, Swordland). Red=choir only Green = choir + soloist Madoka Magica...
  6. Lorde-Kowz

    Kajiura's twitter discussion

    Ozawa recorded for magireco, most likely. Kajiura either the JAM project overture or more SAO. Heaven's feel and Pripri are Q2 IIRC. Deemo doesn't have a release date.
  7. Lorde-Kowz

    Possibility of acquiring a copy of full orchestral scores?

    Nope. The most you'll find are vocal scores for some Kajiura live songs and the Kalafina Far on the water vocal score.
  8. Lorde-Kowz

    Sword Art Online [UPD: Alicization "War of Underworld" airing]

    The Fanatio? (purple woman) choir track was nice, although it reminded of She rules the battlefield quite a bit. The Alice choir track has a lot of potential. Plis deliver!
  9. Lorde-Kowz

    Deemo Theme

    That's a classical singing thing. In classic choirs and some solo classical singers, you have to sing with your mouth shaped line an O, and it can make A and sometimes U sound O-ish. For the record, I also hear DEEMA, but other A you typed down I hear as O, hue.
  10. Lorde-Kowz

    Yuki Kajiura participates in DEEMO THE MOVIE

    Oof Joelle sounds lovely~ Harmony is Joelle too, btw. Sad that it's only theme song. But it's interesting that it's in Kajiurago, and not in Japanese or English.
  11. Lorde-Kowz

    See-Saw LIVE ~Dream Field 2019 (December 15, 2019)

    I will never get over Chiaki's moves on Kirai ni naritai.
  12. Lorde-Kowz

    Consolation Through Collage

    Tasogare no umi!
  13. Lorde-Kowz

    Sword Art Online [UPD: Alicization "War of Underworld" airing]

    That's unexpected, hue. What made you purchase it?
  14. Lorde-Kowz

    Kajiura to write overture track "to the next era" for Jam Project's 20th Anniversary album "The Age of Dragon Knights"

    Artist management company. https://highwaystar.co.jp/ap.html Although Kajiura is listed as business partner artist instead of affiliated artist.
  15. Lorde-Kowz

    Kajiura to write overture track "to the next era" for Jam Project's 20th Anniversary album "The Age of Dragon Knights"

    http://jamjamsite.com/news/9546 https://twitter.com/YKajiura_staff/status/1194088268192768000 https://twitter.com/Fion0806/status/1194110179442384897 Release date January 1st. <収録曲(順不同)> 「The Age of Dragon Knights」 作詞:影山ヒロノブ/奥井雅美 作曲:影山ヒロノブ 編曲:寺田志保 - overture -「to the next era」 作曲:梶浦由記 <<<<<<<...
  16. Lorde-Kowz

    See-Saw LIVE ~Dream Field 2019 (December 15, 2019)

    This is what happens when I rely on the twatter translator, kek.
  17. Lorde-Kowz

    H-el-ical aka Hikaru!!!

    Sato is playing at the shii saa raibu tho.
  18. Lorde-Kowz

    H-el-ical aka Hikaru!!!

    Musicians for her live Drums:野崎真助さん  (@MASUKE_Drummer) Masuke Nozaki Guitar : SUNAOさん  (@sunao_g0428) Guitar:グシミヤギヒデユキさん  (@gussy_) Bass : 須長 和広さん  (@KazuhiroSunaga) Piano : 櫻田 泰啓さん  (@sakuramongaino) Sakurada Hirotaka Violin : 伊藤 彩さん  (@compeitou_aya) Manipulate : nang-changさん...