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    [Tran] Yuki's Interview Gundam Seed Destiny Journal Mechanic

    [Tran] Yuki's Interview Gundam Seed Destiny Journal Mechanic03 Finally, it's done... It's quite an old interview that I digged up from my bookshelves when I went back to my hometown. It's mainly about "Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru", See-Saw's SEED Destiny ending song. It seems that I'm not familiar...
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    Musicians Photos from Live Tour Pamphlet (with some girls)

    I have 22p in total..:). Seriously... who is that long-straight haired guy in Progressive tour live...don't tell me that he's KorenagaSan... :nophoto: :nophoto: :nophoto: :nophoto: :nophoto: :nophoto: :nophoto: :nophoto: :nophoto: :nophoto: What I want to tell is...all Keiko's...
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    HBD WakanaChannn..

    Just taking pic in sepia mode and a bit adjustment in photoshop... her birthday is the date of my first exam.. :uh..: .... I promise I'll color it and post the full version after finishing my exam... :cry: . (Sorry dear... :cry: I'm so busy these days...)
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    Kagaribi no Hanabira's cover : New thread for new progress!!

    This is the first time that I use audacity to mix my voice-only-recording with the karaoke track.. Hope that the sound quality must be better than my old cover... The program is quite complicated for a newbie as me.... :cry: I'll put all new songs in this new topic and may re-cover some old...
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    What is your favourite FJ+Kalafina PV?

    What is your favourite FJ+Kalafina PV? I come up with this idea after watching Progressive PV... This is my top five.. 1. Parallel Hearts : The first time that Yuki obviously joined in FJ PV..lol :ohoho: . All utahimes look natural and very pretty... :dote: esp. Wakana... I love her...
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    My own cover songs [Edit:090910]

    Edit : Added MU link From Panda request??? lol... After collecting what still remains after the moving to Canada....lol...I've only 2 cover songs available.... :leaf: . Akatsuki no Kuruma : This is what I call a failed version... :rain: , because of the misorder of recording... :spotlight: ...
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    Kagaribi no Hanabira

    Yah...I'm a newby here....have just gone to this forum after the host was hacked.......:uh..:. Huhhhhhh...... I'm a Thai fans of KajiuraSan for a few years (and I found that it's so hard to find other Kajiura's fans in my country.... :cry: .) However...I've moved to Canada to study since last...