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  1. HimeWakana

    Hikaru's solo debut (2019-12-01)

    Today Hikaru during her SPICE live streaming has announced her solo debut with a live next 1/12!! So excited and happy for her!! :love::love: SPICE article: https://spice.eplus.jp/articles/244383 Live details: Open : 5 p.m. (to be defined) Start : 6 p.m. (to be defined)...
  2. HimeWakana

    H-el-ical aka Hikaru!!!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79rfn5SRw7c&feature=youtu.be Hikaru calls herself H-el-ical and the song is titled “pulsation” !! There's no ufficial announcement yet, but it's herrrr!! Hicchan is back!! *happyness :hearts::hearts:
  3. HimeWakana

    Wakana solo career

    Wakana’s first solo single 『時を越える夜に(Toki wo Koeru Yoru ni』 will be released on February 6 2019. Produced by: Shusui and Swedish composer Anders Dannvik Released by: Victor Entertainment 【Single Details】 Release Date: February 6, 2019 Title: 『時を越える夜に(Toki wo Koeru Yoru ni』...
  4. HimeWakana

    Wakana Fall 2018 Live Tour

    『Staffからのお知らせ』 2018/08/11 18:30 Wakana ライブツアー決定!! Wakanaの単独ライブツアーが決定しました。 約8か月ぶりとなる名古屋・大阪や、Wakanaの故郷である福岡を含む、東京・福岡・名古屋・大阪をめぐる全国4都市のライブツアーです。 Kalafina楽曲やオリジナル楽曲など、澄みわたる音の世界とWakanaの歌声を、時を越えて、皆様のもとへお届け致します。 『Wakana Live Tour 2018 ~時を越えて~』 【東京】2018年9月24日(月・祝) 開場17:15 開演18:00 会場:EXシアター...
  5. HimeWakana

    Yuki Kajiura Live VOL 15 ~ The Junctions of Fiction 2019 ~ (+ Soundtrack Special, Asia Tour -HK,SG,TW-)

    It has just been annouced, after the today live, that next year it will be another tour, the vol 15, starting from Maihama Arena in Tokyo (15/16 june) than Nagoya and Osaka!! :knife::love: #HAPPYNESS
  6. HimeWakana

    “Hikaru”Birthday EVENT 2018" + Kalafina "Wakana" in Concert with the Roma・Italia Orchestra

    A Hikaru birthday event for Harmony members-only has just been announced! In July 2018 Hikaru will be celebrating her birthday and her ten year anniversary since the debut of “sprinter / ARIA”! To commemorate this 10th Anniversary a special fan club event will be held! “Hikaru” Birthday EVENT...
  7. HimeWakana

    After all these 10 years...ever

    Finally the day has come!! I'm totally full of joy and emotions!! Happy birthday girls, happy birthday!! I'm so happy to follow you from your debut and so happy that you have reached this milestone!! Have fun today at the Nippon Budokan live and surprise us with fantastic news!! Happy 10th...
  8. HimeWakana

    Kalafina Calendar 2018

    Finally samples pics are out!! Wow the girls are so so pretty :love:I'm totally in love with June, July and August *WWWWWWWWW* I can't wait for 11th November...
  9. HimeWakana

    Kalafina on J-MELO program for NHK WORLD (2017-08-21)

    The girls will be on May J-san program for NHK WORLD the next 21 August!! I can’t wait for seeing them!! (≧▽≦) 世界150以上の国と地域で放送されているNHKワールド(の音楽番組)『J-MELO』にKalafinaが出演!国内ではBSプレミアムで見ることができます。 □国際放送(NHK WORLD) 8/21(月) 0:10、6:10、12:30、18:30 (すべて日本時間)   ※国内ではNHKワールドの英語サイトでライブストリーミングしています。...
  10. HimeWakana

    Special events for Harmony Fanclub

    It has just been announced that a Special Live and a Special Talk Session will be held to celebrate the launch of Kalafina’s Official Fan Club 「Harmony」! ☆ Kalafina’s very first talk event! Title: 「Kalafina“Harmony”~Talk EVENT vol.1~」 <Tokyo> Date and time: September 1, 2017 (Friday) Venue...
  11. HimeWakana

    Otanjoubi omedetou dear Hicchan

    Since it's already 2th July in Japan, I want to celebrate Hicchan's BD :love::love: Happy birthday dear!! I can't wait for seeing in person your "sales corner" next year in Japan :dote: http://i.imgur.com/vgrP21G.jpg
  12. HimeWakana

    Kalafina 10th Anniversary Live at Nippon Budokan (2018-01-23) (BD/DVD Release June 13/2018)

    http://lineblog.me/kalafina/archives/67134880.html It has been announced today that Kalafina will held their 10th Anniversary live at Nippon Budokan!! Also starting from tomorrow (June 5), fans will have the chance to take part in a poll, choosing their favourite songs which they would like to...
  13. HimeWakana

    Wacchan Birthday!! (2016-12-10)

    In Japan is already 10 December soooo Otanjoubi Omedetou Wacchan!!! Please remany always so beautiful, so sensitive and so funny :love::plz: Love you so so much!! You're an amazing singer +w+
  14. HimeWakana

    Keechan Birthday (2016-12-05)

    In Japan is 5th December already, sooo OTANJIOUBI OMEDETOU dear Keechan!! Thanks for your precious smile, for your sweeteness and of course for your amazing voice *WWW* :love::chuu:
  15. HimeWakana

    Kalafina Calendar 2017 (release date 2016/10/15)

    Kalafina Calendar 2017 will be out this October!! You can preorder on CDJapan :cheer: link: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/2017CL-190
  16. HimeWakana

    Wacchan's birthday!!

    Otanjoubi omedetou my sweet princess!! I can't wait for seeing you again, miss youuu :love::love::chuu:
  17. HimeWakana

    Keechan's birthday!!

    Otanjoubi omedetou dear Keechan!! I wish you all the best and I really hope to see you again soon!! :plz::love:
  18. HimeWakana

    Hikaru-chan BD!

    Otanjoubi omedetou dear Hicchan!! I miss you so much and I really hope to see you again soon!! :love::love:
  19. HimeWakana

    Happy birthday dear Hikaru-chan

    Otanjoubi omedetou dear Hicchan! I can't wait to see you in Paris!! :love:
  20. HimeWakana

    Kaori at "Connichi" in September

    http://www.connichi.de/programm.ehrengaeste.html I want to go in Germany and meet her!! :cry::cry: