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  1. Seasonreaper

    BD/DVD: Kalafina “9+ONE” at Tokyo International Forum Hall A [Release: Nov 1st]

    Looks like we're getting a release after all, and with a ANISONG FANTASY LIVE bonus at that. Information here: https://lineblog.me/kalafina/archives/67138281.html?t=1
  2. Seasonreaper

    CPM's Official Kalafina Song Ranking

    OK, so I don't really know if this should be here or elsewhere, but since we had the 'rank all the songs' thread in this subforum I guess it works. Basically this is a structure I've seen on other forums before regarding different things, but people rank a top 10 of their favourites with...
  3. Seasonreaper


    So, does anyone here have any? I don't recall seeing a single person at Japan Expo queuing for Kalafina having any and nor do I (although I'm contemplating it) so I'm kinda wondering if it's a trend that us Kalafina fans don't have tats :ayashii:. Either way, I'm interested in seeing what...
  4. Seasonreaper

    Generic Introduction Thread Title

    Hello there people. Been stalking these forums as a lurker for, say, half a year now and finally decided I probably should actually participate a little. I don't generally do introductions as I never know what to say, but someone told me to so why not. Anyway, managed to get into Kajiura's...