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  1. Z

    Fascinate with American women soccer member

    ahhhhh,i seldom watched their matchs in the past, until the women soccer semifinals match of Olympic Games this time.and i found that their team member with no.2 was so charming in her run. and she,named Heather Mitts, really makes me fascinate with her :aww: :dote: :comeback: :nophoto:
  2. Z

    heard yuki's music in Olympic match yesterday

    i heard yuki's music in Olympic gymnastic match yesterday and felt very excited.though we can often hear her music in the programs of Chinese Central Television , but iv not thought of hearing them in the on-the-spot broadcasting of the Olympic Games. but i dont know whether it has been...
  3. Z

    PC scrapped

    my pc scrapped suddenly a few days ago. :comeback: so I seldom on line these days :aww: fortunately,I have already backed up most materials inside and now planning to buy a notebook :dote:
  4. Z

    more onions will be better,hahahaha

    if we can add more onions for this forum, such as :nophoto: and :nophoto: and :nophoto: and so no. :dote: it will be better. :bwahaha:
  5. Z

    A question,araaaaaa

    Why can I always find that the 'Registered users' have Yahoo [Bot] and Baidu[Bot] and so on.And what about them?Very curious. :dote: :dote: :dote:
  6. Z

    Zaki Itou De Su,ahahahaaaa

    So glad to visit here first time. :dote: :dote: :dote: