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  1. george1234

    SAO Alicization lyrics

    Find your sword in this land arma dita ikar irita iar irista dia desta ivia dita ivar irita isar artia ah Administrator seta dika ftaria ifita idita distia e casta dika firia ifita adita firia canta ria firia rista menta sti firia amarita sorti...ah ah
  2. george1234

    Yuki Kajiura Birthday Project 2019 [POLL winner: "Booklet of photos of trains & rail stations"]

    In 2008 we did a webpage with wishes from everyone and drawings by ズuiyon and coloured by Kerahna, in 2009 we didnt because we made a scrapbook for Kalafina because they were visiting AnimeBoston, and in 2010 we did the CPM cover of everlasting song, decorated by a ズuiyon drawing again. In 2011...
  3. george1234

    I beg you (Aimer)

    https://www.lyrical-nonsense.com/lyrics/aimer/i-beg-you/ Planning to source the website and add cpm's translation 涙汲んで 見下ろして 可愛そうだと口に出して 靴の先で転がしても構わないわ 汚れててもいいからと 泥だらけの手を取って ねぇ輪になって踊りましょう 目障りな有象無象は 全て食べてしまいましょう スパイスは耐え難いくらいがいいわ 怯えた小鳥は さよならなんて言えなくて 愛を請う仕草で 黙り込んで慎ましいつもりでいた Lie Lie It’s A Lie...
  4. george1234

    Why do many songs contain the word "yeah" and especially in lives ?

    I have even seen Kaori do it in Yume no Tsubasa live https://www.lyrics.com/lyrics/yeah it feels like that when the lyricist is out of words uses this one lol or its a way to pump up the audience excitement
  5. george1234

    FJStation Fan Club 1st talk event

    From FJS mail 『FictionJunction Station Fan Club Talk Event vol.#1』 【日時】 2019 年 2月3日(日) @大阪・Flaming the Arusha Open13:00 / Start13:30 Open18:00 / Start18:30 http://www.flmg.jp 2月17日(日) @東京・東京カルチャーカルチャー Open12:00 / Start12:30  Open17:00 / Start17:30 http://tokyocultureculture.com 2月23日(土)...
  6. george1234

    Interesting vid about music taste (not a spambot)

    Watch :))) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpPSF7-Ctlc
  7. george1234

    Yuki Kajiura made BGM for "Magia Record Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica Gaiden" CM (Update: NEW one with Zagitova and Medvedeva)

    https://twitter.com/Fion0806/status/1029475365062754304 https://twitter.com/Fion0806/status/1029476860168531968 https://twitter.com/magireco/status/1029477653621878784 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-T5j1FHLsg < fking region lock https://magireco.com/news/?id=48134 The ballet dancer seems...
  8. george1234

    Poll for YK Birthday Project 2018

    Both ideas can also include messages / fanart. You have a July 1 - July 8 window to vote. Dont just vote based on what sounds better. The best song will require dozens of polls and it will not take much space in the present too.
  9. george1234

    Yuki Kajiura Birthday Project 2018 (COMPLETED)

    Thanks to @Smiley for reminding me about this Updated summary of previous projects: In 2008 we did a webpage with wishes from everyone and drawings by ズuiyon and coloured by Kerahna, in 2009 we didnt because we made a scrapbook for Kalafina because they were visiting AnimeBoston, and in 2010...
  10. george1234

    Heaven's Feel Kajiurago

    Post here if you have any done, i ll post my ver probably later today
  11. george1234

    Yuki Kajiura is transitioning fictionjunction.com to wordpress!

    http://fictionjunction.com/ :sohappy: so from now on me and her will probably use the same platform to update with posts etc hohoho however i do wonder where all the old info went to :confu: [EDIT] Now its back to the old site, i guess they are doing tests.
  12. george1234

    Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen thread

    http://anilinkz.to/series/cardcaptor-sakura So this is finally airing, and i got really nostalgic watching it. the design is exactly the same as it was in the old one. Do you think that if this is successful they might decide to continue Tsubasa ? If that happens do you think she is able to...
  13. george1234

    FictionJunction SOAP!

    I know this doesnt really belong here, but couldnt resist to surprise you ;) Kajiura has posted few twits showing and talking about some soaps with YK and FJ branding and here are the rest https://twitter.com/Fion0806/status/928237172351688705...
  14. george1234

    Zaregoto kajiurago

    old-fashioned fairytale intia casa eltio amari deta firia dio samari cesta amirio te cantita sonti via deta ifio amari casta into mia samari dita asolti oso cantio inti lia sortita iama idia cantia inti fia lia intiaya conti soa castia sontia dia ilfio amari deta ildio miya camari kesta...
  15. george1234

    PriPri kajiurago

    shadows and fog cantia sariata amaristia atolta sarita camiyata mirifiria marita alita samari mita alitamari mia cantia sariata amaristia atilta sortia sarita camiyata mirifiria atista imia camia sori distia adista ah... espionage trap esti sa somirita canti sa miria battle of the...
  16. george1234

    [CPM project] Kalafina 10th anniv physical message book > COMPLETED <

    Hi guys! I got this message from @Smiley yesterday :) " Kalafina 10th anniversary is approaching, as usual Yumi and I will send a flower stand to Budokan on behalf of CPM. The flower stand usually cost 30000 yen and luckily this year we got some support in funding from our fellow CPMers. I...
  17. george1234

    Future anime thread.

    Just thought of making a thread for discussing announced non YK anime. So im really excited for this https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-10-01/a-certain-magical-index-tv-anime-season-3-confirmed-for-2018/.122108 and i really dont know why it took them so long thinking that the light...
  18. george1234

    Game musics thread :)

    I thought to open this so we can suggest and comment game musics (any game is ok) My suggestion is.. Age of Empires osts. Its an RTS game made by Ensember Studio, under Microsoft. Age of Empires I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0o2aBk86UKY&list=PLD80AACFB3E563792&index=1 Age of Empires I...
  19. george1234

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record (mobile game)

    I saw this and thought of posting here since the trailer used Y.Kajiura music. RPG game. Website: http://magireco.com/ Trailer: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5b9jll_puella-magi-madoka-magica-side-story-magia-record-pv-01_videogames 15-sec teaser...
  20. george1234

    Poll about the new website theme background (please vote)

    yellowish https://canta-per-me.net/?theme=recant white-ish (as suggested by juchanx3 and maxwell) The header will change to the one made by juchanx3, just its up to Sudrien when that will take place.