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    Sound Horizon & Linked Horizon

    Re: Sound Horizon I'll try to rip this video but I don't know if DVD is copy protected or sth... :\
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    Dream Port 2008 single details

    it's maybe because I took it on the first day it was available for preordering? anyway, it looks great, just as every Sanhora's release :D I mean fat booklet and great package ^^ I wish that all Yuki's CDs were released just like this one...
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    Sound Horizon & Linked Horizon

    Re: Sound Horizon it was a bonus track on triumph DVD :)
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    about movies

    and Poland? xD I'd love to see my country with Yuki's music in background :sohappy:
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    Dream Port 2008 single details

    agreed :goodjob: and their shipping is so damn fast :)
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    Dream Port 2008 single details

    yup, 'coz it's "in stock" on cdjapan :D me wants it nowww..... :plot:
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    Dream Port 2008 single details

    my Dream port is in shipping process now :bwahaha: :bwahaha: :bwahaha: :bwahaha: i think that i'll get it within few days :dote:
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    What's your favourite drink ? x)

    sweet red wine for me ;) and apple juiced water xD
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    What's the longest word ? °o°

    in polish it's "konstantynopolitańczykowieczka" xD - woman who lives in constantinopol
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    Dream Port Merchandise

    yahoo auctions... I'll buy some when I get my money :bwahaha:
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    Waiting for Dream Port

    currently I have no idea who can have it, maybe in my workplace, but I can't guarantee... :aww:
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    Waiting for Dream Port

    I have no scanner :comeback: I can make some photos, but you know - it's not the same...
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    Waiting for Dream Port

    yep, a month ago, two anikans ;) and I paid about 40$ for both, including shipping (it was a split order with my friend, who wanted Muehiro's album). there: :bwahaha:
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    Pics Discussion Topic

    Re: See-Saw pic (help!) I bet that she wouldn't like to sing any of her songs ^^"
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    Waiting for Dream Port

    when I bought my anikans from amazon I had to pay customs >_< and I got them after two weeks of waiting :comeback: even if it was Fed-ex :twitch: (which is suppose to reach you in two days...) amazon is evil too T__T
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    Waiting for Dream Port

    but yesasia is bad :\ their free shipping takes years (3 weeks for example), and recently they rised prices >.<
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    Negate a Yuki-male draw to Lugh xD former If Yuki was a man

    Re: If Yuki was a man, he would be... ... he would be an elementalist in Guild Wars! xD or maybe mesmer ;) (I love GW *O*)
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    I love mp3 players ^o^

    for all of these I use my beloved PSP ^_^ maybe except this mouse function ^^"
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    Waiting for Dream Port

    yup, it's great indeed, so much photos inside, all in full colour :) I took my Dream Port from cdjapan too, it's great that their shipping is very fast :sohappy:
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    Haruka Shimotsuki :)

    if you like good old snes' rpg school and colorful graphics - yes *_* I haven't played in this one yet, but I love first and second Iris ^_^ (as much as other nipponichi games ^^)