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    Yuki Kajiura Birthday Project 2018 (COMPLETED)

    Ok voted. I will pass you a message for YK in pm before 30 Jul 12 AM (UTC+0) if I have enough time. I need at least a few hours to gather my thoughts.
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    Discography Updates/Fixes

    Er sr for the unclear response. And I forgot I can just post these things in the 4rum. :bow: Basically I double-checked with some ppl who attended and/or watched Kalafina 10th anni live setlist and BD/DVD release and realized some inconsistencies with the setlist in the main CPM site...
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    Yuki Kajiura Birthday Project 2018 (COMPLETED)

    Just curious but does the mail form still work, now that she's changed agency? :confu: Previously was her email domain also "@YK"? Hmm, first, is there still enough time to conduct a simple poll (3-5 days) to see which idea the majority prefers? (like in previous years) We have a lot of...
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    Yuki Kajiura Birthday Project 2018 (COMPLETED)

    Ah crap, stupid typo lol. And yea now that u mention it, making a timeline for her does seem a bit rude, since we would have to "define" what milestones are successful and important to her. Anw regarding the artist introduction thing, as I mentioned before, it is just a vague idea as of now...
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    Front Band Members (FBM) non-YK activities

    Haha no worries, that also happens to me a lot :TdT: Anyway, Jr. on any kind of harp should be very interesting to watch :psst: So excited to see their setlist this time!!
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    Yuki Kajiura Birthday Project 2018 (COMPLETED)

    Err is this too late to start throwing in ideas? I love the puzzle idea and the scrapbook one, but if efficiently compiled, it might be a bit short compared to the books we made in previous years (e.g. if we do polls and list all the songs, it will take 10 A4 pages at most, plus maybe 15-25 more...
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    Front Band Members (FBM) non-YK activities

    It might mean that he'll be playing the harp tho. :confu: I mean, Korenaga, who is probably gonna be doing vocal and guitar, is credited as (G/Vo) so (B/Harp) should mean he's playing bass guitar and the harp? And correct me if I'm wrong, but blues harp usually implies a diatonic harmonica...
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    Random YK covers

    (Not sure if this has been posted) Pretty decent Romance cover on accordion & guitar by Anatra Ensemble: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAh53Unb_RM The accordion parts are spot-on for the most part, though the guitar ones need more work. And an orchestral cover of Canta per me (not-so-good...
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    What if Discord

    First, thanks @Sudrien for taking the time to do numerous maintenance for chat, and for setting up our Discord server. :bow: After nearly a full day of using discord, here're some of my thoughts: General impression: It looks pretty neat so far, lots of extra features. But tbh, I still prefer...
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    Τhe request thread

    Hey, does anyone have the limited edition of Kala's 7th heaven album (the one with the lives) and [received]? Thanks in advance!!:bow: EDIT: Thanks @Kugayama , @Bulmafox , kajiuran9999 for the the received files!!
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    Another dream

    I can't remember the details but in a dream not quite long ago, I was trying hard to find a rare release of a YK CD/DVD (it's an old release from her See-saw days, really can't remember the contents tho). After checking so many shops I was overjoyed to find it in a run-down one but the moment I...
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    Yuki Kajiura Birthday Project 2015 [Completed]

    Abt her proficiency in English, a similar question has been raised here :bow:
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    Yuki Kajiura Birthday Project 2015 [Completed]

    @george1234 : thanks for the info. Sr I haven't had the time to reply to you :bow: It's kinda sad that I've been struggling so much with my own life to spend more time and $ for YK-related stuffs. Also, I haven't gone to any lives or have any merch yet, so I'll only send YK a brief message for...
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    Yuki Kajiura Birthday Project 2015 [Completed]

    Holy crap, I totally forgot abt this thread! :omg: It's been so long since I last visit the 4rum... I-is it too late to join the project now? :spotlight: When's the deadline and what to submit? Sr for spamming, but I tried to look at the thread's first post and didn't see any new info... :bow: