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    Τhe request thread

    @grunty do you still need the american fiction scans? i have them. btw, i only found yuriko's song on nicovideo, nowhere else on the net, even xiami.
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    Kajiura left Spacecraft in Feb 2018, Keiko (April 13) and Hikaru (Oct 20) left Kalafina and Spacecraft (confirmed)

    I didn't get that vibe at all from the translation. To me, it's more of a self-critical and overanalitic personality; I've always thought of her being harsh on herself and perfectionist, so as I see it is more about her own appreciation of the situation or relationship with the girls rather than...
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    Kajiura left Spacecraft in Feb 2018, Keiko (April 13) and Hikaru (Oct 20) left Kalafina and Spacecraft (confirmed)

    All i can say is, i am a messy bitch who lives for drama, and i am living for it. Thanks Yuki :nosebleed:
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    Yuki Kajiura to compose for "Princess Principal" [6-part movies -sequel announced | Pripri concert with YK and band]

    At least is a different vibe from her latest autopilot tendency, kudos for that.
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    Τhe request thread

    just online clips posted on the promotional sites for the respective single, and yes the honoh... is the same.
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    Τhe request thread

    Seems grunty came to the rescue. I have these other videos if you or someone else needs them: -Making of: honoh no tobira, silly-go-round and kouya ruten -CMs: honoh no tobira, romanesque, silly-go-round and hitomi no kakera live -LIVE: - Akatsuki no kuruma @ gekkan melodix 26.11.2005...
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    Discography Updates/Fixes

    https://canta-per-me.net/discography/maiotome23 blank page, missing info.
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    Madoka Music Doujin Piano Tribute

    here is one of three TAMusic doujin albums for Madoka, the german version of Magia is interesting. sadly i only found the crossfade demo in youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIyv0cVlJkM and the german version of magia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu98k5vVP-Y as an extra, TAM's...
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    Taku Iwasaki

    Because is not a crime to like another great japanese composer, let's talk about Taku :innocent:We can use this thread to review his music and post info about new releases. When i first entered the anime fandom, Noir and Witch Hunter Robin were some of my first OST catch and i must say Taku's...
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    Τhe request thread

    @george1234 :chuu: thank you so much, believe in the onion.
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    Japanese Proxy Sites

    Thank you very much for your help. I added banners with links for the aforementioned sites in the first post.
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    Τhe request thread

    @Westkana :groucho:
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    NERVE by See-Saw is such an underrated song

    NERVE by See-Saw is such an underrated song
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    Yuki Kajiura's Soundtracks [pre 2008]

    Well, time to review Noir: This OST is what ignited my passion and love for Yuki 15 years ago, it was the first anime soundtrack i've ever heard. It stills fascinates me with its diversity of eclectic sounds, it's intertwined with the story, the characters, the setting... One thing i've...