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    Wakana solo career

    EP is out on Spotify. Eve is too short, which is a shame because it's the best track on the EP. It's only 1 minute but it's absolute bliss. Wakana should definitely keep to this classical style, and I'd be way more interested in her as an artist if more songs of this style are made. Aki no...
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    Wakana solo career

    Wow that is one of the lowest budget PVs I've ever seen. Song is kinda meh, and yeah it does sound like she's trying to sound lighter and brighter. Keiko and Hikaru have very good, even vibratos. Keiko's in particular is some of the most consistent and beautiful vibrato I've heard, but it only...
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    Wakana solo career

    Anyone found a way to rip this off Bilibili? I've tried everything but can't find a downloader that works. :/
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    Yuki Kajiura Birthday Project 2019 "Booklet with photos of trains & rail stations": COMPLETED

    Harsh, but I can't disagree. I don't quite understand why there has to be a need for a creative-driven project that's frankly not all that interesting (last year's was polls of all things) when, really, just buying a gift would suffice. Not that I can't see the effort, and I really don't mean to...
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    H-el-ical aka Hikaru!!!

    If nothing else, Hikaru may have a pretty good future as a lyricist. Only her first song and the lyrics are miles better than any of Wakana's (not just in "meaning" which is subjective, but flow, rhythm, composition, etc). Makes sense since Hikaru likes poetry. It doesn't give off that "amateur...
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    Yuki Kajiura Birthday Project 2019 "Booklet with photos of trains & rail stations": COMPLETED

    Why don't you guys just buy her something and call it a day? Get a donation pool going and buy a large gift for her instead of going to the trouble of making something every year. I've seen some fandoms buy an advertising billboard and wish happy birthday to their favourite artists that way.
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    Aimer "Penny Rain" album includes "pluie" (prologue composed by Kajiura), Hana no Uta, I Beg You

    That's really the worst part about her singing. Her pronunciation of Japanese when she sings is...unique, to put it lightly. Most of her fans say it's what attracts them to her songs, whereas for those others (like me) it's a major turn off. I liked it in the beginning, but the novelty wears out...
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    Wakana solo career

    Wakana's album is up on Spotify, Just started listening to it. It's actually good. Yakusoku no Yoake is just the first track and I think I'm in love. The Celtic vibes, the flute, the instrumentation, the melody...I'm surprised at how good it is, given how disappointing Toki wo Koeru Yoru ni was.
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    Wakana solo career

    It's also a matter of closed vs open throat, and a high larynx when Wakana sings. The problem with Japanese singing is that there isn't a lot of vowel variation, and they tend to sing like how they speak (nasal), so that "honkiness" is more pronounced since she's using more vowels that tend to...
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    Τhe request thread

    Anyone has the FLAC files for Kalafina's Winter Acoustic Christmas album? I'd torrent it instead but it's kinda dead, and while I have the CD, I have no CD drive to rip the tracks. Much appreciated!
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    「Kalafina All Time Best 2008-2018」(Release: Oct 24)

    Of course reverb isn't "naturally" there. Their microphones are right next to their mouths lol. What causes reverb in live settings is the slight delay in speaker output between the front and back of concert halls, as well as the reverberation of the general acoustics of the concert hall...
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    Kajiura left Spacecraft in Feb 2018, Keiko (April 13) and Hikaru (Oct 20) left Kalafina and Spacecraft (confirmed)

    I kinda had a hunch given that Hikaru's only activity as an artist was her birthday concert. Could this mean a potential new Kalafina group once Wakana leaves (not that it's a given, tho). I'm still bitter about not being able to attend their 10th anniversary concert so if they get back...
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    Wakana Fall 2018 Live Tour

    It's quite likely they still are. They've been working together for 10 years - a relationship that lasts as long as that, especially when they're still in the same city, doesn't break too easily. There was a LisAni SPICE video shot a while ago, which just showed the three of them talking for 40...
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    “Hikaru”Birthday EVENT 2018" + Kalafina "Wakana" in Concert with the Roma・Italia Orchestra

    Jupiter? Like the one by Hirahira Ayaka? That song's pretty difficult, and it was the only non-Kajiura song she sang (besides the song she wrote herself). But you guys should be more excited that Kalafina songs were performed WITH AN ORCHESTRA. I would pay top dollar to have seen that, but...