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    Hi Yuka! I really like Manten and your cover :nosebleed: Are you a Japanese? Btw welcome to CPM hope you enjoy your stay here. :sparkleguy:
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    Hi CPM!

    Re: Troll murrue02. Please mention Indonesia too in that email, in case the repetitive message method works, she'll come here too. :nosebleed: We love and hate same things, maybe we are soulmate :waii: <Creepiness lvl over 9000
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    Hi CPM!

    Ah I see a Pinoy. We have same fate that Kajiura havent sent us her apostles to our country. :rain: Im not familiar with that, but I googled that. That program is broadcasted by local tv station. I dont watch local tv station because it's filled with thrashy soap operas and reality shows :blood:
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    Hi CPM!

    Hmm Malaysia or Singapore? I hate you if you are one of them. Your AFA had Kalafina in it, in AFAID none of Kajiura's angel came :cry:
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    Confessions post

    Yeah I already PMed Kerahna and she helped me. :sohappy: But I forgot teh pass and asked her to help again. :uh..:
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    Your name in Japanese

    Tekirinkaari Noshikatsumomeimo Meikimikamearimotomo :ohoho: My first name is taken from sanskrit word that means beloved. Beloved=Itoshii=Hitoshi :XD:
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    Confessions post

    Aeveltra is the most beautiful name I've ever made but I cant use it on CPM because I forgot which email I used to register on that account :cry:
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    Your Top 5 Favorite Kalafina Songs

    1. Manten 2. Red Moon 3. Kizuato 4. Sandpiper 5. Destination Unknown
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    Hi CPM!

    You know?! That one with teletubbies+power ranger headquarter :ohoho: Okay Ill add them too.
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    Hi CPM!

    Yeah I live in Jakarta, but mostly Im in Depok because my university is there. :sparkleguy: Maybe the CG will be held on Jan because this 5th semester is horror :uh..: Do you know any Indonesian beside zoa, ritardando, and littlefelicita? I wanna list them so I can invite them for future...
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    [help] identifying a Kanji

    So my uncle went to Japan about a month ago and he bought me a shirt with Kanji on it. Anyone know what it means?
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    Confessions post

    So much procrastination :uh..:
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    whos your anime twin?!

    My anime personality twin is Chad from Bleach. I was a bully in kindergarten, grown up to be a pacifist mesomorph guy and finally became a semi-pacifist martial art expert with hero syndrome after bullied in ES and JHS -_-. Physical twin... hmm maybe Diarmuid from Fate/Zero plus glasses.
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    Hi CPM!

    you need to spread Kajiuranism there to full CPM with Turkish. I inflicted Kajiurathirst to some of my friends (maybe one of them is here already) :ohoho: :shy: Yeah. Kinda. :spotlight: :cry: @FxMacCobra @Cerise @valeriana runa @littlefelicita @~mana~ thanks for the welcome guys :sohappy...
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    What is your favorite song today?

    Kumo no Kakera - Sachi Tainaka ft. Jyukai