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Recent content by Daichi

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    Guess who's back

    That was on bloody time.
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    Tokyopop to close

    Re: Mangafox can help you there.
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    Corrupted wish game

    Granted, but you become a disposeable side character. OKAYWHATTHEFUCK,THISTHINGHASABOUT2000POSTSLESSTHANLASTTIMEIVISSITEDTHEBOARD??WHATHAPPEN??? I wish for my wish to get corrupted.
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    Lets play a game of WHAT IF...

    Then I would. What if people realised that this is a watered down version of the corrupted wishes game?
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    Oh my fucking god....

    Oh hai Nick!
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    My experience from Vanessa Mae's concert in Athens

    AAaaaah!!! So lucky!! I want to be to one of her concerts!
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    Lets post some funny pics

    Whoups. Wrong link ^^;
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    Chat About Final Fantasy ^^

    I don't want square to remake VI and IX... I have this ominous feeling of failure every time I hear that square decide on a remake.
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    Serial Experiments Lain

    It is totaly worth a rewatch, Sokania!
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    Shiritori game!

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    Attendance Log

    A little late, but here.
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    What is your favorite song today?

    Boa, Duvet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WidfjUJdk_8
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    .hack//The Movie

    ...Another .hack//movie? Fuck no. Like the GU movie wasn't horrible enough... Seriously, Bandai, stop milking .hack. YOU ARE RUINING IT.