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    Sword Art Online [UPD: Alicization "War of Underworld" airing]

    It could be that they're going to have the music from SAO in one volume and then the music from ALO in another volume. The two arcs are rather different so they could have entirely different music. At least that would be my guess.
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    Sword Art Online [UPD: Alicization "War of Underworld" airing]

    Does anyone know when the OST is supposed to come out? I haven't been able to find any info about it.
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    Madoka Magica movies

    :wai: :stupidtable: :voodoo: I miss the opening in NY by 10 days!!!! GRRRRR... Why couldn't NYCC have been a little later!!!!
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    :uh..: :desksweat: :wai: I'm seriously sulking reading through everyone's posts about the concert and meeting everyone. Glad you guys got to enjoy it but wish I could have been there. Note to self: forget every other con next year and go to Anime Expo and hope and pray this happens again...
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    As far as the recording goes, if I remember correctly, recording was allowed at the 2003 Anime Expo concert with Yuki and Emily so maybe it will be this time too.
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    NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just read about this the other day on ANN. Curse the fact that I already committed to going to NYAF in the fall!!!!! Here's to hoping they go to the other cons too... And echoing the others, if they let you record, :plz:
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    Kara no Kyoukai 「空の境界」 The Garden of Sinners

    Where do I begin... Stunning visuals, amazing soundtrack... This easily became my favorite series of all time although it is lessened by the fact that I have a lot of "favorite series of all time"... I can watch these over and over and never get tired of seeing them. They're that good.
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    Little Busters! Anime!!!!!!!!

    Seems JC Staff is the studio producing it. I don't know what to think about this yet but I'm willing to give them a chance.
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    I was super excited when I found that she releases her songs on iTunes Japan so that means that people outside Japan can get her music and support her. Phantom is actually what introduced me to her and only later found out that she had performed with Kajiura-sama too.
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    Little Busters! Anime!!!!!!!!

    :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: Apparently this slipped under the radar. Saw it on ANN this afternoon and the following is on Key's Official site. http://key.visualarts.gr.jp/lb_anime/index.html I'm a huge Key fan so this is absolutely awesome news for me.
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    Mai Waifu

    So in one of my random browsing moments, I stumbled across the following site. Basically you input your name and it spits out which anime character you'll marry. Kinda funny. Post your results here. http://shindanmaker.com/23295 Different variations on my name resulted in Teletha "Tessa"...
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    The Disapperance of Haruhi Suzumiya

    Re: Way to necro a 2 year old thread... :) Don't get me started on Eminence...I like their music but I've had horrible experiences with their customer service for getting CDs. One took over 6 months to arrive and my emails were ignored for about the first 5 months of that.
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    Tales of series

    Re: Re: Given how about 90% of JRPGs never make it to the US, I don't see how you can make this statement. Granted that the JRPG market is shrinking but that doesn't mean the genre is dying as a whole.
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    I preordered it from RightStuf! but I really hope that $400 boxsets doesn't become the norm. I don't mind it for the limited edition stuff but for everything... :uh..: ...there goes my bank account... :uh..:
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    Bandai ceasing North America operations

    Re: That basically sums up the situation perfectly. The only anime that ever gets aired is mindless action shounen. On another note, Beez Entertainment (another distributor for BEI) is ceasing all licensing operations in Europe according to the latest reports.